The flow party or how to feel the flow of fun

Flow climbing in Aubignan

A few days ago I discovered the blog party with the motto “Flow” on Karl's blog lebenskü As you can see from the date, I'm well past the deadline, but I've decided to contribute a contribution and I want to do that now, because I think the topic of flow is an interesting motto for a blog party.

For me, the flow actually means that you are so absorbed in an activity that you completely forget the surrounding area. Having fun is also an important trait when I watch it in myself. Doing things that aren't fun is more of a torture for me: You know it from my studies. When studying for the final exams or when writing homework, the refrigerator was always my best friend. I had to get up every now and then and see what was waiting for me and then had to distract myself from the really important activity with food. This is NOT a flow, but a compulsion.

Flow climbing in Aubignan
My favorite flow: beautiful routes on good rocks in great nature (southern France) (Photo: JK).

I always notice the “flow” because I spend hours doing something and the time flies by. This happens with role-playing games on the computer as well as with great hikes on vacation. The flow is also very intense on beautiful climbing routes, which suit me well. Then you crawl up a vertical wall and the moves to overcome the difficulties kind of fall into place. When I'm engrossed in climbing like this, I sometimes forget that there's just 15 meters of air and a hard concrete floor beneath my back are. :-)

But the flow of climbing doesn't seem to happen to everyone. Karl from Lebenskü tried to do just that, but unfortunately there was no flow. I think you have to have a certain amount of climbing experience so that you can concentrate on the "beauty" of a route and not be overwhelmed by fear of heights and aching forearms. The perfect flow when climbing is not achieved with just one ingredient, because you need a little more: an impressive piece of nature, a rock with good grip, a climbing route to the summit that requires “beautiful” movement patterns and not just brute strength and is very important : afterwards a delicious coffee with the climbing partners. Then time stands still. This is definitely my favorite flow!

With a contribution from Peter, who also took part in the blog party, I read that his little daughter disappears into the “flow” while doing handicrafts and painting. I found that very funny, because children are actually THE flow experts. If they do something, then with skin and hair - and totally engrossed. Often one has the feeling that the little ones no longer hear what one says. I think it's always nice to see what a real flow experience is. :-)

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