The Game Console 2.0 – Illustrated History of Video Game Consoles

With "The GameConsole“I was able to show you a wonderful book on the subject of video game console history five years ago. At that time, the latest game console portrayed in the book was the Nintendo Switch from 2017. But now there is not only a modernized OLED version of this, but also the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S (both from Microsoft) and the PlayStation 5 from Sony. These consoles and other updated information have been published in “The Game Console 2.0" recorded. I can fully recommend the book as a Christmas present for video game, console and technology history fans.

The Game Console 2.0 with game consoles from 1972 to 2020

The first generation of video game consoles is described with the Magnavox Odyssey from 1972 and the Pong console from 1975. The second generation, however, brings with it many more consoles that were released between 1976 and 1983. Despite the major video game crash in the USA, enough consoles were released to form a third generation by 1988. 

This third generation of video game consoles for home and on the go included, among other things: the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) from 1985. And so it goes, until finally with the Nintendo Switch (2017), the Google Stadia and the Oculus Quest (both 2019) as well as the Xbox Series X / S and the PlayStation 5 (both 2020) the ninth generation of video game consoles is listed and discussed.

Background information and photos instead of boring data sheets

The pure technical data sheets can be found in abundance on the Internet. With The Game Console 2.0 by Evan Amos you get (or give away) an interesting reference work to browse through, which impresses with exciting background information and professional photos. You might recognize some of the pictures, as Evan Amos is also known for his console photos, which he places in the respective Wikipedia articles about the devices.

When browsing through his book, the console sales figures for best-selling devices can cause amazement. When it comes to flop devices, however, you wonder how much money the manufacturers have burned on them. For example, with the Apple Pippin from 1996, which did not have its own operating system installed, so it had to be included on every game CD. In addition to the English edition in a printed version, there is also one Kindle version, a Spanish and Chinese edition.

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