The Lenmar chug plug: a clever additional battery for Apple MacBooks

Chug plug additional battery

Everyone knows that, you're on the go, the battery is weak, no power outlet in sight and suddenly the MacBook switches off. The only solution: the hectic search for a socket. At this point I am often desperate and I am sure: I am not an isolated incident! The accessory manufacturer lenmar now promises a solution.

The Lenmar chug plug offers additional battery life

The MacBook additional battery Chug plug from [Lenmar->lenmar] is the clever solution that everyone has been longingly waiting for. The additional battery itself is actually a sensation. The small powerhouse for on the go offers the [MacBook Air with 11”->macbook-air-11-inch] up to 4 hours more usage time and the 13” MacBooks up to 3 hours.

Chug plug additional battery
The Chugplug battery for MacBooks has been cleverly developed because it feeds its power into the Apple power supply and thus circumvents the problem that Apple has not approved the patented MagSafe connector for third-party providers (Photo: Lenmar).

The chug plug - the intelligent partner for on the go

The real highlight of the chug plug is the clever construction. It is designed in such a way that it can be attached directly to the original power supply unit. With a click. So you can charge the battery on the go and supply the MacBook with additional power. I think it's a great idea. Due to the unique construction, the additional battery can be used all over the world. You just have to Original travel adapter from Apple take. What I find particularly important is that the use of the chug plug does not invalidate the warranty on the Apple parts.

Price and availability: The Lenmar additional battery will be available from March 2014

The chug plug can be charged with a voltage between 100 and 240 volts. For this purpose, it has an on and off switch and shows the current charge level with practical control lights. The chug plug will be available from March and will be available in the US for around $ 160.

Update due to availability

The chug plug is now available and available for 160 EUR at


Due to its size, the chug plug is certainly not suitable for every occasion. Because of course you can't just put it in your pocket. Above all, you also need the Apple power supply for operation. For long journeys by car or train, especially for business travelers who still want to work on the go, the purchase of the chug plug can be worthwhile.

Technical concerns about efficiency

From a technical point of view, I still find it questionable that the chug plug presumably charges the mains voltage fed into a battery, which in turn emits DC voltage, which is converted into mains voltage via the chug plug with an inverter. This is then fed into the Apple power supply, which in turn changes the AC voltage to DC voltage and transforms it down.

With the best will in the world, I can't imagine that this enables a particularly good level of efficiency. But of course you avoid the problem of connecting a “foreign” power source directly to your MacBook. The chugplug solution is probably the best compromise for this reason.

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