The manual for the Sony Alpha 7 / 7R

Sony Alpha 7 / 7R and the appropriate manual.

A [system camera-> system camera] is a nice option if you want to take high quality photos with a small camera. System cameras such as the Sony alpha 7 do without the mirror in the optics and thus save a lot of volume. So far, these cameras were not available with a full-format sensor, which has changed with the alpha 7, because this is one of the [first full-format system cameras-> full-format system cameras].

Other manufacturers will certainly follow suit and equip their system cameras with full-format sensors. For this reason, the sensor is the same in the cameras of various manufacturers, but the individual cameras usually differ in their functionality, which is why you often have to get used to it. At least that's how it often happens to me - I've gotten used to the menu navigation on Sony cameras. With the manual for the Sony Alpha 7 / 7R you don't have to get used to it, because all functions of the camera are listed here. I would therefore like to introduce the manual in a short book tip, as that Book about the Sony alpha NEX 7 has already done a good job.

You can certainly do many functions with the official instructions from Sony (Link leads to the download page from Sony), but in my opinion these manufacturer's instructions are usually not very practical and only explain the individual functions, but not the interaction between them in daily use.

Book tip: Make full use of the system camera with the Sony alpha 7 manual

When buying an Alpha 7 / 7R camera from Sony, it is always pointed out that taking good photos does not require any knowledge of technical properties. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to master your own camera and to know where the limits and possibilities are. The "fully automatic program" is certainly strong, but it cannot read minds. If you want to help design your photos yourself, the Alpha 7 manual is good for you.

Sony Alpha 7 / 7R and the appropriate manual.

Discover that useful manual for the Sony Alpha 7 / 7R. (Image: Amazon)

The author of the manual first deals with topics that are easy for beginners and then delves deeper and deeper into the matter. This slowly introduces the reader to the functions of his camera. But if you always want to take excellent photos, you also need a feeling for the surroundings. Also in this special book tip for the Sony Alpha 7 / 7R the author deals with a number of circumstances and gives tips on how your own pictures can be presented even better. For example, there are tips on accessories that can be used for certain shooting situations.

In my opinion, the manual not only explains the technical functions of the [Sony Alpha 7 / 7R-> sony-alpha-7], but also introduces you to the basics of photography - after all, the right photo has to be sufficiently planned!


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