The most expensive coffee in the world ... is not Kopi Luwak!

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When I first heard from Kopi Luwak, I must have made a very strange face. With the mention of the name, the explanation came as well, why the Kopi Luwak coffee beans or Kape Alamid Coffee are so expensive: They are eaten as coffee cherries by the stealthy cats - a type of cat - and then excreted "backwards" undigested. Since the cats cannot digest the beans, they are fermented in the stomach and then end up as a "pile" back in the forest. After collecting them, they have to be cleaned and dried and roasted. The whole procedure is very complex and so one kilogram of these coffee beans costs from 200 EUR upwards.

Coffee selection

Do I make my Kopi Luwak coffee beans into espresso, cappuccino, white coffee or ...? I can not decide!

If you don't want to continue reading now, but are actually interested in where you can get the Kopi Luwak from, that is on this offer on Amazon pointed out. There you can find the cat coffee, but it is "refined" by animals living in the wild. For ethical reasons, this should be the version you order. However, the 5-star ratings also show that it is also excellent cat coffee in terms of taste:

Coffee rarity gift Cat coffee Kopi Luwak Arabica 200 g whole beans to give away fresh ...
  • The worldwide unique coffee bean specialty from Indonesia
  • Gently roasted lightly
  • Ideally suited for special occasions

Kopi Luwak is topped by ISS space coffee!

So far the Kopi Luwak has always been considered the "most expensive" coffee in the world. But after I got into read a Spiegel online report I realized that the guys on the ISS had 50 kg of coffee sent up, it was clear to me that THAT must be the most expensive coffee in the world - no, what do I say: the most expensive coffee in the entire solar system!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find out what kind of fine coffee the astronauts got delivered to the International Space Station, but I think the cost of the transport makes it pretty irrelevant whether they are Senseo pods, Nespresso capsules, instant coffee or Kopi-Luwak- Get the beans including the coffee grinder sent ... the purchase price of the coffee shouldn't make much of the overall package with the transport costs.

High shipping costs make space coffee expensive

But now I wanted to know what it costs to send a kilogram of payload into space. That's what I'm up to one side of ESA I found what I was looking for, at a price of EUR 12.000 per kilogram - in my opinion very cheap - which the Ariane launcher costs if you want to shoot things into space.

This brings us to a price for Kopi-Luwak of 12.200 EUR per kilo - if you want to enjoy it on the ISS. But surely the ESA's Sparheinis have only sent up cheap coffee again ...

Why I don't drink Kopi Luwak ...

But joking aside. Despite everything, I would like to give the article a serious note. The Kopi Luwak coffee used to be made by collecting the piles of the wild cattle cats and getting the fermented kernels of the coffee cherries from them. Back then, the crawling cats were still doing well and the coffee was tasty.

Nowadays, of course, things are done differently. The workflow has been "optimized": Instead of following the happy crawling cats, they are now locked in small cages, entire "farms" with the poor creatures and simply given them tons of coffee cherries to eat. In the end something comes out that is called Kopi Luwak, but to be honest, such stories make me lose my appetite for coffee.

Update 02.02.2017: As I mentioned above, luckily there are also suppliers of Kopi Luwak who still take the trouble to collect it and "win" the cat coffee from wild animals. You can find this for example here at Amazon. I would avoid other offers that do not explicitly mention that it comes from wild animals.

And if you are not necessarily looking for Kopi Luwak, but can also live with another delicious coffee bean that has not been digested, you can take my tip to heart: Get a kilo of them Cream Diamonds beans (my absolute favorite coffee!), they only cost 15 EUR per kilo. The remaining 185 EUR that I saved compared to Kopi Luwak, you donate to PETA and enjoy your coffee with the uplifting feeling that you have done something good for the animals!

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What you save on luxury can be donated sensibly. Graphic: PeTA. :)



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