Choosing the right energy-saving lamp with watts and lumens

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The old incandescent bulbs will disappear from the scene in a short time as an EU-wide ban on incandescent bulbs is on the way. Although energy-saving light bulbs have been on the market for a number of years, consumers are still unsure of the wattage or lumens that energy-saving light bulbs need to have to match the old incandescent light bulbs. The color of the light is also often a point of criticism, since some energy-saving lamps produce a light that is too "white", which is unusual in living spaces.

The luminous color that comes closest to that of incandescent bulbs is "warm white", which has an increased proportion of red. This makes the light appear warmer. This warm white light with a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin is recommended for living spaces. If you want to illuminate your office, it might be better to use energy-saving lamps with daylight white. This has a color temperature between 5300 and 6500 K (Kelvin). In comparison, sunlight has a color temperature of 5777 K.

Watts and lumens in energy-saving lamps compared to light bulbs

Here is another table with which you can quickly see which energy-saving lamp you can use as a replacement for your lightbulb.

Watt lightbulb Watt / lumen energy saving lamp Shop link
25 W 7 W / 200 ln buy here
40 W 9 W / 400 ln buy here
75 W 20W / 1000lm buy here


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  1. In these times you should really praise the LEDs, as they have already overtaken the short-term energy-saving lamps. If you already get cheap LEDs here (advertising deleted), then you should think twice about buying energy-saving lamps.

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