The top 10 programming languages ​​in 2019

Our world is technical, digitized, smart and there are displays everywhere on which we do this day in and day out. It would be an understatement that knowledge of programming languages ​​and the ability to actually program is the future. Because it’s not just since yesterday that it’s good to understand how everyday devices work. In terms of careers, with the right knowledge, you are no longer just a nerd, but take part in the labor market with high pay. That is why you will find the top 10 programming languages ​​in 2019 - or three top lists - below. Because depending on the approach, the ranking looks different.

What are the top 10 programming languages ​​in 2019? And which language for programming apps, devices, systems and more is right for you? You can find the answers here! ;)

What are the top 10 programming languages ​​in 2019? And which language for programming apps, devices, systems and more is right for you? You can find the answers here! ;)

Top 10 programming languages ​​in 2019 according to Programmer Pay, GitHub, and Google

If you are becoming a programmer and want to choose the most lucrative language beforehand, this is the list for you. It was compiled by Ruchika Singh Aggarwal on This Top 10 does not show per se which languages ​​are used most often or work most efficiently, but how well those people are paid on average who deal with them professionally (in the USA). In the original post you will also find information on the frequency of GitHub projects, search volumes on Google, etc. Here is the slightly abbreviated and translated summary:

# 1 - JavaScript

In the USA, the annual earnings of JavaScript programmers are said to be around 109.450 US dollars. There are also many search engine queries about JavaScript and it is the most popular programming language on GitHub. If you are interested in this language, you can find an introduction here: JavaScript programming for beginners by Paul Fuchs.

# 2 - python

According to the linked source, people who make a living doing Python programming make an average of $ 117.500. Python is also one of the leading object-oriented programming languages. This language is the second most popular on GitHub. There are no major fluctuations in the search volumes compared to 2018 and 2019. You can get started with this book: Python 3 - Programming for Beginners by Michael Bonacina.

# 3 - Java

According to the above list, Java can earn an average of almost $ 102.000 a year. The popularity on the developer platform GitHub coincides with the local list position. Due to the competition with Python, Java has recently slipped significantly in search engine queries. Nevertheless, it can't hurt to read this too: Learn to program Java professionally from Markus Neumann.

# 4 - Go

Worldwide, the annual income of Go programmers should roughly match that of JavaScript. Especially in the USA, however, the numbers are much higher at 136.000 US dollars. But since Go is only the fourth most popular programming language on GitHub and the search queries are not that high, this language lands in fourth place. There is also not that much literature on the subject yet; here's an example: Learn to program with Go from Bastian Isensee.

# 5 - Elixir

Elixir can also be seen with $ 76K (global) or $ 123K (US). Most recently, the programming language climbed three places in GitHub's popularity list. However, inquiries from Google about Elixir have remained stable year-on-year. Wikipedia describes it as a "functional, concurrent general-purpose programming language". A literature review (in English) can be found with this link.

# 6 - Ruby

The primarily object-oriented programming language Ruby, which can also be used for other purposes, is the same as the previous place in terms of remuneration. On GitHub, it slipped one place year-on-year. With regard to Google trends, too, the comparison looks rather downward. For the right projects, however, getting started with Ruby can be worthwhile: I Love Ruby by Karthikeyan AK.

# 7 - Kotlin

Kotlin ranks globally and US-specifically at $ 57K and $ 125K. There is a great need for programming skills in this area as Kotlin is the official language for Android app development. While iOS and macOS apps tend to be more in the direction of Swift Android apps on smartphones, tablets, wearables, projectors, screens and more are based on Kotlin: Getting started with Kotlin - developing apps with Android Studio by Thomas Theis.

# 8 - TypeScript

To begin with programming payments, here are the global and US-specific numbers: $ 60K and $ 115K. In a developer survey by “Stack Overflow”, TypeScript was named the tenth most popular programming language. The programming language launched by Microsoft is the eighth most popular on GitHub. Searches went up this year. Here more information: Programming in TypeScript by Boris Cherny.

# 9 - Scala

Despite the penultimate position in this list, you can look forward to a lot of money as a programmer with Scala knowledge if you are properly employed: $ 78K global average and $ 143K as a guide in the USA. In 2019, Scala was the twelfth most popular programming language on GitHub. The search engine queries are stable compared to 2018. There is an introduction here: Amazon search results, mostly in English.

# 10 - Clojure

With Clojure as a professionally applied programming language, we're at 90K and 139K in annual US dollars. Clojure is not that high up on GitHub and even slipped year-on-year. The Google search volumes remained roughly the same. Books on the functional programming language published in 2007 are mainly available in English: Literature that you can order from Amazon.

Other top lists, after searches with + Programming or + Tutorial

In addition to the English-language source listed above, there are also German web posts that deal with top lists for programming languages ​​in 2019. Other standards are also applied or other studies are cited. For example at the so-called TIOBE index was used. The company Tiobe Software BV examined search queries on Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc. and analyzed them not only with regard to the language names, but also in combination with the search term “programming”. This results in this list:

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. Python
  4. C++
  5. C#
  6. Visual Basic .NET
  7. JavaScript
  8. PHP
  9. SQL
  10. Objective-C

Another list quoted in the source linked above results when the language name is analyzed with the addition “tutorial”. This creates a list of those programming languages ​​that are often searched for for instructions and help articles or videos. With reference to the studies of Popularity of Programming Languages, PYPL for short, the following top 10 list emerges:

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. JavaScript
  4. C#
  5. PHP
  6. C / C ++
  7. R
  8. Objective-C
  9. Swift
  10. Matlab

Which programming language should I learn?

Of course, the lists mentioned and the average earnings as a programmer should not be used as the only guide. If you want to find out which programming language you should learn best, first ask yourself what or why you want to program. Do you want to write apps for your own devices? Do you want to write apps for other people's devices? Should they run on as many platforms as possible or only on one system? Or do you want to control a certain device, build a website or train a neural network towards a certain goal? There is the right programming language for every project; and it may not have been mentioned here at all ...


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