Theine or Terminal: This is how the Mac does not go to sleep

The Apple computers from Mac to iMac to MacBook are relatively economical with the power supply, especially when only the battery is used. The sleep or hibernation state of Mac OS X and macOS is a factor, but certainly undesirable if you are downloading a large file, giving a presentation, reading an eBook or discussing the screen contents without moving the mouse or using the keyboard. Via the terminal command "Caffeinate" or the app Theine you can turn off the Mac sleep mode individually.

If you want to deactivate the Mac sleep mode, the terminal (with the command Caffeinate) and the Theine app will help you. The caffeine application should apparently be avoided.

If you want to deactivate the Mac sleep mode, the terminal (with the command Caffeinate) and the Theine app will help you. The caffeine application should apparently be avoided.

Use the caffeinate command in the terminal

The Apple Mac should not go to sleep, but rather stay active - this makes sense in many scenarios. If you don't want to download an app to keep your computer permanently awake, then simply use the terminal under Mac OS X or MacOS. In it you then use the command Caffeinate, which, according to its name, instills caffeine so that it stays awake;)

Step 1: start the terminal

You can get to the macOS Terminal in different ways; the fastest, however, leads you via Spotlight. To do this, simply click on the spotlight symbol (magnifying glass) on the right-hand side of the menu bar. Then enter "Terminal" in the search field and select the program.

Step 2: run the caffeinate command

Caffeinate is a command that works on its own as well as with some adjustments. So just enter the word in the terminal as a test and click on input or enter. You can tell that the command is now being carried out by two decisive changes in the window. On the one hand, the red point at the top left (close, otherwise with an X) gets a black point in the middle. On the other hand, the cursor is deactivated in the terminal.

Step 3: Wake up the Mac again

If you want to remove the caffeine from your Apple computer and thus make it possible to go into sleep mode again, you can do this very easily with the key combination that terminates endless commands by default: CTRL + C or Ctrl + C.

Adjustments: time, app, process and more

Instead of running the Caffeinate command endlessly, you can also set it to a specific period of time, assign it to a specific program, process or component. For about half an hour without resting, you give Caffeinate -t ​​1800 a; the 1800 are the seconds. For an hour without sleep you enter 3600 seconds;)

Here are a few more attachments that will ensure that Mac hibernation is ignored in a particular situation:

  • -d protects the display from falling asleep
  • -i protects the system from hibernation
  • -m ensures that the hard drive does not go into standby
  • -s deactivates sleep mode when the Mac / MacBook is connected to the mains
  • -u duplicates or imitates an active user

But how does it work with the app and the process? Let's assume you use the Firefox web browser on your Mac, or rather on your MacBook, to watch Netflix. If the standby of the Apple system is to be deactivated when you have Netflix active, simply enter this or a code that suits you: caffeinate -d /Applications/

Theine app: easier to prevent sleep / standby

The terminal is not for everyone and, especially when things have to be done quickly, one prefers to fall back on ready-made solutions. When looking for information and apps, you may have heard of “Caffeine”. Caffeine should, however, that's how I have it read hereto spy on the location of the user. Better, because more private than Caffeine, is therefore Theine, which means something like Teein in German, i.e. the coffee alternative made from tea.

The Theine app programmed by the German developers at IXEAU UG ensures that your Mac does not sleep for a certain period of time or always. It can also be started directly with the system start. You can find the Theine download (currently reduced by 50%) in the Mac App Store or here:

[appbox app store id955848755]


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