For the Pac-Man generation: Thumbs Up mini retro console with 240 games

The so-called thumbs Up is an arcade-style mini retro console that has 240 different 16 bit games preinstalled. The small device with joystick, A and B button, a 2,5 inch display and three buttons for start, reset and volume does not cost 25 euros and has good Amazon reviews. With three AA batteries (not included) you can play on the miniature arcade machine and think back to the times of 25 to 30 years ago. The original Pac-Man and other classics are unfortunately missing.

For the Pac-Man generation: The "Thumbs Up" mini retro console with 240 pre-installed games in 16-bit optics. Image source: Thumbs Up / Amazon

For the Pac-Man generation: The "Thumbs Up" mini retro console with 240 pre-installed games in 16-bit optics. Image source: Thumbs Up / Amazon

Thumbs Up 240-in-1 console for retro gamers

If you want to catch up on a bit of video game history from the 80s and 90s for a small price or if you are looking for a small Christmas present for gamers, then the purchase of the Thumbs Up mini arcade console can be worthwhile. It is true that the console should be tried out before giving it away (unfortunately there are Amazon reviews that report defective displays). But if the display is intact, then you or the recipient should definitely have fun with the part. It's not for nothing that the 240-in-1 console is becoming one for retro gamers Overall rating of 4,5 / 5 stars to have ;) 

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240-in-1 retro console
The Thumbs Up mini retro console with 240 games on a 16 bit basis is ideal for retro gamers of the Pac-Man generation. The original Pac-Man is not on it, but there are numerous other classics and a few lesser-known old-school games. Not a bad package for the price.

Customer reviews of the mini arcade console on Amazon

There are currently 21 customer ratings on Amazon, of which 57% are 5 stars, 33% are 4 stars and 10% are one star (as of November 5, 2018). Under the heading "Retro-Alarm!" You can read the following from Gianna:

My brother is a real gamer and got the Arcade for Christmas. He thinks it's mega cool and all the games leave him indulging in nostalgia. Definitely a nice gift and can only recommend it.

Blaugrana1984 gives this conclusion under the heading "Cool gadget":

Funny gift idea or decorative object for every geek. Just don't expect well-known or complex games. There's nothing to complain about at this price

Complex games such as RPG adventures or platformers cannot be expected. In addition to a few puzzle titles, there also seem to be sport games such as football and bowling. When it comes to customer questions and answers, when asked whether "Pacman" is on it, this is not the case due to licenses, but similar titles are represented;)

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