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The free, small software TimeMachineEditor ensures that you get quick and easy access to advanced settings of the Time Machine backup. For example, you can set intervals, fixed times for every day or backup events on fixed days at fixed times in the week. You can find the TimeMachineEditor download on the Developer website. I also have you downstairs Asimov another alternative for developers is listed. This allows dependencies, i.e. large code libraries with many small files, to be excluded. 

The TimeMachineEditor app helps you to schedule the Time Machine backup. In addition to the editor with individual schedules, there is also Asimov - one of the apps specializing in developers.
The TimeMachineEditor app helps you to schedule the Time Machine backup. In addition to the editor with individual schedules, there is also Asimov - one of the apps specializing in developers.

TimeMachineEditor - details about the software

The TimeMachineEditor directly accesses the Time Machine settings under macOS on the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook. In the program window, which can be operated intuitively, you can make various backup settings. From hourly, multi-hour or daily backups of your hard drive to weekly, precisely scheduled backup copies of your files, everything is possible. The software is in English, but it is easy to understand. If in doubt, you can Google translator on the iPhone to have the individual menu items translated into German using the camera function;) You can find a first look and the TimeMachineEditor download with this link on the developer page.

Time Machine Editor FAQ

  • Should you deactivate Time Machine's automatic backup in the Mac system preferences when using the software?
    Yes, you can do that. The software also does this automatically. By setting your own intervals or dates for the backup, the standard, hourly data backup is deactivated.
  • Do you always have to leave the app activated or call it up every time you start the Mac?
    No, it is enough to enter the desired settings once so that they are saved in macOS. Then you only have to call up the software if you want to make changes.
  • Does the software work for Mac hibernation backups?
    TimeMachineEditor supports the so-called "Power Nap", which can be activated in the "Save energy" options of the macOS system settings. On the MacBook, the option should only be activated in the "Power Supply" tab.
  • Will you change anything about merging and discarding backup versions?
    No, Time Machine will still handle this with the default Apple settings.
  • How big should the hard drive be for the Time Machine Volume?
    Here we say about 4 times as big as the hard drive that is being backed up. You can find more tips on this here in the article.

Asimov - Mac backup for developers

Another backup software for macOS on the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook is Asimovthat you yourselves download it from Github can. It is one of the apps designed for specific target groups. The focus is on developers, programmers and similar Mac users. Because Asimov does not create a complete image of the selected drive like TimeMachineEditor or similar apps, but excludes dependencies. As already described above, these are libraries with up to several thousand small files that would take up a lot of time during the backup and thus eat up resources.

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  1. Beatrice Willius

    Cool, I'll try both of those times. As a developer, it is totally impractical for me when Time Machine copies things that I immediately delete.

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