Tinkerbots: Robot and machine construction kit for children from 6 years

Tinkerbots is a manufacturer of various robotics and technology sets in a modular system for children from 6 years. The former start-up has produced three robot sets that cover basic knowledge and simple operating options as well as more complex work with sensors. In addition to the app for iOS and Android for control, you can also use your own programming via Arduino. There are also hardware compatibilities: with Lego and Mega Bloks.

You can find the Tinkerbots robot sets on Amazon. Information and alternatives can be found in this post!

You can find the Tinkerbots robot sets on Amazon. Information and alternatives can be found in this post!

This is Tinkerbots - short video introduction

Tinkerbots: 3 sets for robots and technology to build yourself

Depending on which Tinkerbots set you choose, you will get different and different numbers of components and functional parts. These are compatible with Lego (technology) and Mega Bloks. The most important parts of the sets are of course the technical components, all of which have the so-called. power brain controlled - i.e. via the brain of the robotics with the CPU and Bluetooth.

There are also these components:

  • Engine
  • Twister (rotates components by up to 180 °)
  • Pivot (tilting and steering device)
  • Grabber called gripping hand
  • light sensor
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Distance meter
  • Passive components such as wheels, adapter plates, connectors, etc.

All parts come with accessories in the Sensoric mega set before, which currently has a proud price of 469,95 euros. (Status: July 2017) The Advanced and Wheeler sets are cheaper, but also less equipped.

Buy robot kit from Amazon

Robot construction kit Advanced Builder Set
The Builder Set includes the Twister as an additional component. In addition to vehicles, animals and machines can be built. Programmable via Arduino.
Robot construction kit Sensoric Mega Set
This Tinkerbots set contains all sensors and many other components. Whether vehicle, animal, excavator, crane or other machine - everything is possible, especially in connection with Lego.

Download the Tinkerbots Controls app

For the sake of completeness, here are the download links for the Tinkerbots Control App for iOS and Android:

The limits of the robot sets

As you have probably already noticed, the Tinkerbots Wheeler Set in particular is not rated as super. The reviews of the Advanced Builder Set are a bit better; most of all you can of course start with the Sensoric Mega Set. The robot sets are certainly interesting up to a certain age.

But from around the age of 12, especially when the interest in more options, correct programming and more complex tasks slowly arises, the Tinkerbots robots could get boring. According to the reviews, these are only permanently fun if there is a lot of Lego to tinker with.

The alternative: Lego Mindstorms

Especially Lego Mindstorms and the set Lego Mindstorms EV3 could be much better for everyone who really builds a wide variety of robots and machines and wants to exchange ideas with a large community. The possibilities for programming, the connectivity with other technology (PC, Mac, etc.) and other points are - if there is a corresponding interest - more advantageous. Besides, there is already a lot Books with projects, instructions and programming aids.

Recommended reading: Projects with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 on YouTube

Conclusion and more on the topic

The Wheeler, Advanced Builder and Sensoric Mega Sets from Tinkerbots bring you robots that are easy to use for fun and Lego handicrafts. However, it is quickly possible to reach the limits of what is feasible, especially if there is a lot of technical interest. There are also compromises with regard to the simple to complex programmability. For children and friends of simple robot sets, Tinkerbots is certainly ideal.

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