Tolino Shine manual as a Kindle eBook - great idea!

Tolino Shine - The Unofficial Handbook
Tolino Shine - The Unofficial Handbook

Nice cover for an eBook: Tolino Shine - The unofficial manual (Photo: Amazon).

I call that a case of "thought through"! I am just browsing through Amazon and looking for fun for "Tolino Shine" - a strong competitor for the Kindle eBook reader from Amazon - I can find an eBook called "Tolino Shine - the unofficial manual. Instructions, tips, tricks"That alone wouldn't be anything special if it were in the [ePub format-> epub], but no! The guys actually offer it as a [Kindle-eBook-> kindle-ebooks]!

I just imagine a customer sitting on the sofa with his [brand new Tolino Shine-> tolino-shine] and reading the manual for the thing on a Kindle next to him ... that's funny. :-)


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  1. bin says:

    that's a funny idea.
    Shine on the Kindle also not bad, you have to come to that first :-)

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