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Tonebridge Guitar Effects is an app for iOS and MacOSthat enables you to mimic the guitar sounds of over 9.000 songs. In a somewhat simplified way, it works like this: You connect your guitar to the iPhone, iPad or Mac, select a song in the app, and then play the corresponding chords - and boom, the software ensures that your guitar playing has the same effects and distortions like in the song. The Tonebridge Guitar Effects app is free and has very good reviews. In this post I have compiled details, download links for iOS and macOS, a video review and the compatible devices.

The Tonebridge Guitar Effects for iOS and macOS brings you thousands of virtual pedals that generate original sounds from known songs. Details and the download for iPhone, iPad and Mac can be found here!

The Tonebridge Guitar Effects for iOS and macOS brings you thousands of virtual pedals that generate original sounds from known songs. Details and the download for iPhone, iPad and Mac can be found here!

Tonebridge Guitar Effects from Ultimate Guitar

The Tonebridge Guitar Effects App comes from the software forge Ultimate Guitar. It offers an enormous collection of preset sets. According to the app description in the Apple App Store / iTunes, the sound sounds original and familiar even if you play a heavy metal song on an old Fender;)

Here I have summarized the most important features of Tonebridge:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from iOS 9.0
  • Compatible with OS X 10.11 or newer (64 bit CPU)
  • Available in German, English and many other languages
  • More than 9.000 preset sets of popular songs and genres
  • More than 7.500 demo samples as an effect preview
  • Personal favorites can be set for quick access
  • Audiobus and inter-app audio are supported
  • Clear sound thanks to noise and feedback filters
  • And many more functions

App download for iOS and macOS

The Tonebridge Guitar Effects app for iOS devices is up to date and therefore also designed for use with iOS 11. If you want to see more details or want to download the program for your mobile Apple device, then click here:

[appbox appstore id1117291846]

If you want to pimp your guitar skills with free (albeit virtual) pedals on your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, then there is also the right software for this. The Tonebridge Guitar Effects download for Mac is available here:

[appbox appstore id1263858588]

Tonebridge Guitar Effects put to the test

To give you an impression of how easy it is to operate and use the app, I have selected this test video. The young guitarist in it shows you how easy it is to switch between different sets and make the appropriate sounds. The device he uses as an adapter between guitar and iPad is the iRig (see below):

Compatible devices / adapters

If you want to test the app, but are still looking for a way to connect the guitar to the iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac, there are some adapter devices for it. Compatible devices are mentioned in the Tonebridge Guitar Effects app description. For the iOS app these are:

The compatible guitar adapters for the Mac with OS X or macOS are the same as just mentioned; But according to the app description, there is also that iRig Pro I / O. The corresponding one is therefore also certain Duo model usable.

Conclusion on the app

Do you play the electric guitar and are you still looking for the right pedal? Then this app could be the ideal alternative for you! Perhaps you have already had it in the test and found it to be good; maybe you also discovered some shortcomings? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion on the Tonebridge Guitar Effects app - you are also welcome to share your professional tips on how to use it, so that everyone interested can learn something at this point;)

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