Tragic: DiskMaker X era ended with macOS Big Sur ...

For years, DiskMaker X has been the go-to tool for anyone who wanted to quickly and easily attach a Mac OS X or macOS installer to a USB stick. Here in the blog, for example at this point introduced, Guillaume Gète's app has helped simplify the download and installation of the Mac operating system since Mac OS X 10.7. Since macOS 10.15 Catalina, however, there have been insurmountable obstacles. With macOS 11.0 Big Sur the project will now be discontinued. An era is ending and installation aids such as USB sticks will have to be created using other apps or system resources in the future.

Tip: ANYmacOS as an alternative

I happened upon a good alternative to DiskMaker X: ANYmacOS. With this tool you can load macOS versions from macOS High Sierra and up and also create an installation medium directly. Bonus: The public beta of upcoming macOS versions and various seeds can also be loaded with it.

Tragic: DiskMaker X era ended with macOS Big Sur. With the new Mac operating system, Apple is eliminating Guillaume Gète's tools.

Tragic: DiskMaker X era ended with macOS Big Sur. With the new Mac operating system, Apple is eliminating Guillaume Gète's tools.

"About DiskMaker X and macOS Big Sur" by Guillaume Gète

The whole background and the announcement of the end of DiskMaker X can be found in the direct wording of the developer on the official website (English) read. Among other things, the developer of DiskMaker X shows that he is not a real programmer and has no time to learn "correct coding". He also has his own company, for which he naturally wants and has to spend most of the working hours. 

In addition, what annoyed him during his work on DiskMaker X over the past nine years was that with each new Mac operating system new bugs had to be fixed and new obstacles had to be bypassed. "I will not try to work on a new version of DiskMaker X that is compatible with macOS Big Sur [...] “, it is freely translated in the linked article.

macOS 11.0 Big Sur Information, Problems, and Solutions

With macOS 11.0 Big Sur, Apple is also entering a new era. Because this operating system marks the beginning of ARM Macs with Apple's own SoC. The first chip in this series is the "M1", which was previously in a MacBook Air, One MacBook Pro and a Mac mini plugged. In the linked articles you will find all information about the new devices. Here is a list of current articles on the new Mac operating system:

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