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In the technological and globalized world, it is important to understand other languages ​​or at least to be able to make them understood. For smart devices such as smartphones and computers, there are many different ways to transfer one language into another. In the following I will show you a few useful tools for translation. The individual translation tools are mainly intended for the Mac and/or the iPhone. Web applications can of course also be used on a PC or Android device. Do you have another tip of your own? Then feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

Translation tools for Mac and iPhone - Here you will find details and tips on various web applications and apps. Language translation made easy!
Translation tools for Mac and iPhone - Here you will find details and tips on various web applications and apps. Language translation made easy!

DeepL - Strong translations with machine learning

DeepL is now the go-to solution for many when it comes to translating words, sentences and entire texts. The translation tool keeps getting better thanks to constant machine learning. In addition to the web application on (where you can have up to 5.000 characters translated at once for free), there is a Mac app, an iOS and iPadOS app and a Windows app. Since October 2021, the DeepL app for iPhone and iPad has been able to use the camera function for instant translations - Details here. Learn more about DeepL can be found here.

Google Translate and Apple Translate

The Google translator is probably still the best-known translation tool, after all it was one of the first big ones that you could easily use for free on the Internet ( The translation help for large and small texts is now also available as an app; in addition to Android also for iOS. In combination with Apple's own offer, the Translate app, you will find two apps for the iPhone and iPad for which you can download language packs and use them offline. Details and a comparison of the apps can be found in this article: Translate app - download languages ​​for offline mode (+ alternatives).

Can you always rely on the translations?

Translation tools now translate simple sentences and common phrases with virtually no errors. Even words that have different meanings or occur in one idiom are very often translated according to the correct context. It becomes more difficult with complicated specialist texts, extensive word jokes or other texts that may need a functioning brain to translate from one language into the other. In order to check translations yourself, online English courses can help, thanks to which you can build up or refresh your language skills.

Looking for more specialized translators? A tip for WordPress…

Here in the blog you will not only find information, tips and guides about Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Co., but also help for your website, blog or page management under WordPress. In this regard and with a view to search engine optimization (SEO), it is worth taking a look at the WordPress plugin. This provides automatic and very legible translations of your pages and posts. Details and a breakdown of the prices can be found in this post by Jens: WordPress plugin for automatic translation - my pick of the week in KW38.

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  1. >When in Rome, behave like the Romans
    The following should apply to goods (software): Speak the respective language of the country in which you want to sell something.

    To offer the "support" in a foreign language is abysmal, not to say "unreasonable". Why do you need the support? Right, because you have some problems with the software.
    If you have problems with the appendix completely on your own, you definitely don't want to have to read a solution in English first.

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