TreeCard offers free debit card - shopping and getting trees planted

TreeCard is a debit card based on the MasterCard system that can be used for online and offline purchases. The best thing: a tree is planted when a certain turnover is reached. The wooden card with a core made of recycled plastic is offered by Ecosia. You can find out who or what it is here: Ecosia - The ecological alternative to Google. The TreeCard is free for everyone who registers for free by December 1st, 2020. 

TreeCard, the free wood debit card from Ecosia, is free of charge for users. 80% of the income from payment transactions is used for worldwide reforestation.
TreeCard, the free wood debit card from Ecosia, is free of charge for users. 80% of the income from payment transactions is used for worldwide reforestation.

TreeCard - One tree for every $ 60 in sales

The TreeCard, which can be used as a prepaid card wherever MasterCard is also accepted, comes from the London offices of Ecosia. Around 300.000 cards can be made from one tree, so that production does not counteract the goal of afforestation. Ecosia's debit cards are made from cherry wood with a core made from recycled plastic bottles. One tree can be planted for every $ 60 in sales - that's currently around 51,25 euros or 46,45 British pounds.

You can get a free and fee-free TreeCard order on the linked page. It's a referral link, but I don't get a commission. For this, however, a tree is planted for each registration via the link. And that's what it's about. By the way, you can also decide not to use a physical card, but only to use the TreeCard via the app created for this purpose and via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

This is how the TreeCard from Ecosia works in detail

The TreeCard is free for users (registration by December 1st) and free of charge. After receiving or registering in the app and linking to Apple Pay or Google Pay, money can then be loaded onto the debit card. It is then used to pay for weekly purchases, visits to restaurants or online shopping. As a credit card, it can also have pocket money ready for the children, which they can then spend or save.

Ecosia makes money with the TreeCard by charging dealers and shops a fee for transactions. This fee for the debit card payment, which is borne by offline and online stores, is then used to enable the management of the card and the planting of trees. According to the company, 80 percent of the income goes into afforestation. You can find all the details and the option to secure a card on the official website. The wood cards will be sent from the beginning of 2021.

The TreeCard app for iOS and Android

The TreeCard app for the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones will probably be available for download at the start of the payment option in early 2021. They are not currently available in the App Store or Play Store. But it will make it possible to keep an overview of the credit and the expenses. You can also see how many trees have already been planted. Of course, the card can also be blocked if it is lost. A comprehensive and, thanks to the partnering with a regulated bank, also a secure offer.

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