TripMode 2: Control internet data usage with the macOS app

Whether on the go in a hotspot, using data with a surf stick or in a WLAN network - with the macOS app TripMode 2 you can surf the Internet with full traffic control. You can prohibit individual apps from accessing the web, speak and see which background program is consuming so much data. The Mac software TripMode was recommended here in the blog already. At this point I would like to show you all the information, data and TripMode 2 download options for OS X, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, Windows 10 and Co.

Always mobile, always online? With TripMode 2 you manage the apps that are allowed to access the Internet. You can find information, details and download here!

Always mobile, always online? With TripMode 2 you manage the apps that are allowed to access the Internet. You can find information, details and download here!

Trip mode 2

The Mac app TripMode has been around since 2015, and the second version was released in 2017. You can use the software under macOS on a mobile Mac as well as on a Windows laptop under the Microsoft operating system. With the second run of the program there were some great changes in 2017, which I have summarized for you below:

TripMode (2015) TripMode 2 (2017)
Recognize data consuming apps Ja Ja
Enable and disable web access to the programs Ja Ja
Show the amount of data used per session Ja Ja
Automatic setup of profiles for different hotspots / networks No Ja
Manually adding profiles No Ja
Internet stop after a certain data limit? (only for the Mac version) No Ja
Details and download - or
leads over SetApp-> TripMode

Price, free demo and subscription for TripMode 2

The TripMode app costs $ 7,99 for the Apple Mac or mobile MacBook (Pro) as well as for Windows notebooks. However, you can also download a free demo version. This can be used in full for 7 days after the download. You can then use them for 15 minutes each day. If you only surf a quarter of an hour a day via mobile data, then you get away with it for free;) You can also use TripMode 2 as a package with other apps via a software subscription from SetApp. You can find the direct subpage of Tripmode at SetApp via this link. What is SetApp and how it works you read that here.

The version for Apple macOS Sierra / High Sierra compared to the Windows version for the Microsoft operating system.

The version for Apple macOS Sierra / High Sierra compared to the Windows version for the Microsoft operating system.

More information about the program

If you are a mobile data user and, for example, set a hotspot for your Mac in the iOS of your iPhone or iPad, then TripMode is actually indispensable. Because your mobile data volume is limited and quickly used up by background processes, updates and apps that interact with the Internet. But if you don't want to have a lot of months left when you're traveling, on vacation or if your home WiFi network fails, then I recommend the TripMode 2 download!

To give you a small overview of all functions, I have translated the features listed on the developer site into English for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment:

  • Blocks unwanted data hogs: Only apps that you have selected are allowed to connect to the Internet. The rest is blocked.
  • Automatically saves data: TripMode switches itself on automatically in the networks in which you have used it before.
  • Record your data usage: See the data consumption per app, session, day and month. Identifies the data-hungry apps.
  • Set up a data limit: All traffic will be stopped automatically when you reach the maximum you have chosen. Never use too much again!

FAQ: Questions and Answers

To round off the recommendation letter for TripMode 2, here is a FAQ in German that answers the most important and most frequently asked questions about the Mac app. If you have any questions or suggestions yourself, please leave a note under the post;)

How does TripMode 2 save mobile data for me?
When TripMode is switched on (slider set to ON), it prevents all apps from connecting to the Internet - except those that you have whitelisted. Automatic updates, online backups, photos synchronization (iCloud) and other apps / services with regard to uploading and downloading are stopped.

Is TripMode also available in the Mac and Windows bundle?
Yes, the bundle does not have any financial advantages over the individual downloads, as it costs $ 15,98.

Can I also use TripMode with a surf stick (3G, 4G LTE)?
Yes, for this it may be necessary to set TripMode 2 in the menu bar of macOS Sierra / High Sierra to ON in the corresponding network.

Can TripMode be downloaded from the Apple App Store?
No, the Mac App Store guidelines prohibit the apps offered there from using the "Kernel Extensions" feature, which under Mac OS X or macOS can, among other things, regulate the Internet access of apps. The download can, however, be implemented via or via SetApp.

Are user data (history, search queries, etc.) saved?
No. The developers collect data on traffic volume in order to optimize the offer, but that's all. Information about the pages visited, submitted content, data and files and so on is never recorded. User privacy is taken seriously.


TripMode 2 for macOS on the Apple Mac or the mobile MacBook (Pro) and Windows PC or laptop is a useful helper if you are using a mobile iOS or Android hotspot, Telekom hotspots at the train station, on the Deutsche Bahn train, accesses a limited internet network on the plane, at the airport or with a surf stick. Data blocking is very difficult without this app - with TripMode 2 you just set a few ticks and leave only upstream and downstream open for those apps that you really want to connect to the Internet. A clear recommendation from Sir Apfelot!

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  1. Berger says:

    Trip fashion, not only recommended but almost a must. My data usage has decreased significantly after the installation. The app is worth the money. Thanks for the tip.

    • sir appleot says:

      With pleasure! And yes, I also think Apple should buy up the store and make TripMode a permanent fixture in the system. : D

  2. Ralf says:

    Unfortunately, it suddenly no longer works on my new MacBook Pro 2018 and Mojave, when it is switched on it simply blocks all apps, including those that I have actively enabled - on my MacBook before that it worked without any problems. Wouldn't be so bad if the support would get in touch, but for three weeks I have been sending emails regularly and get zero feedback ;-( Unfortunately, this reduces the otherwise really good impression.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Ralf! That is not nice indeed. I also had contact with support once, but I got an answer quite quickly. Maybe they are still nibbling on the problem ?!

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