Update on the returns scam: Website taken down

At the end of January I "introduced" the website retouren-produkte-retten.de to you. I became aware of them through a YouTube advertisement that was shown very often. It was lured with free online shop returns, which were to be sent to the home of everyone who was registered with the alleged service. However, the website offered some reasons for doubting the seriousness of the offer - an allegedly volunteer team for far too much service, photos of the alleged warehouse stolen from other sites, returns suppliers who knew nothing about the alleged cooperation, etc. Now is the page is no longer available – my contribution to recognizing scam sites but you can still find it here.

The website retouren-produkte-retten.de no longer exists. For me, this is a sign that I was right in my assessment of the offer as a scam.
The website retouren-produkte-retten.de no longer exists. For me, this is a sign that I was right in my assessment of the offer as a scam.

How to recognize a scam website that wants to steal data?

There are several signs and indicators that a website that sells something or offers something for free may be a scam. If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably isn't. In addition, you should always pay attention to the imprint, the data protection declaration and the terms and conditions, even if that sounds boring. If you have any doubts here, you can take screenshots of the website images and trace them back via Google, for example. If you come across completely different websites, you should be careful (except for stock footage from Pexels, Unsplash, iStock, etc. – even we use that).

You can read about the indicators at retouren-produkte-retten.de that made me suspicious in the article linked at the beginning.

One site taken offline, five more opened elsewhere?

The fact that this scam site has not been available for a few days is a sign that it really was just a fake offer with fraudulent intentions. So much the better that the site no longer exists. But this is only a small step towards a safer Internet. It is possible that the fraudsters will first secure a small income with the collected data and then try the next scam. Have you noticed other sites that also look dubious? Feel free to leave a comment if you want me to take a closer look at a page – now I know how to proceed with the review.

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