Upgrade to iOS 16: Information about installation, functions and backup in preparation

The upgrade to iOS 16 is now available for compatible iPhone models ready. In this article I have summarized what the new Apple operating system brings you, how you get it and whether it is worth switching from iOS 15 to iOS 16 today. If you have any questions or comments on the topic, please leave a comment. Oh yes: This post is pre-scheduled for the official iOS 16 release – September 12, 2022 at 19:00 p.m. If that iOS 16 Upgrade isn't showing up on your iPhone yet, so this isn't misinformation per se; maybe it will just take a few more minutes :)

The iOS 16 release was announced by Apple on September 12, 2022 at 19:00 p.m. So now you have a chance to update iPhone to iOS 16. But how does the installation work and is it worth it? Should you make a backup first? Here you can find all information.
The iOS 16 release was announced by Apple on September 12, 2022 at 19:00 p.m. So now you have a chance to update iPhone to iOS 16. But how does the installation work and is it worth it? Should you make a backup first? Here you can find all information.

Upgrade from iPhone settings

If you want to check directly whether iOS 16 is already available for your Apple iPhone, you can do this via the device settings. Here's how you do it if you're aiming to install iOS 16:

  1. Opens the Settings on the iPhone
  2. Tap in the list General
  3. Then select the point software update from

If an update / upgrade is available, a corresponding button for download or installation is also displayed. You tap on this and then the update will be loaded or checked and then installed. This may take some time and a loading bar will be displayed during this time. During this time you cannot use the iPhone - you should note that.

Install iOS 16 on iPhone via computer

If there is no WLAN available at the moment or you want to connect your iPhone to the Apple Mac or a Windows PC to charge it anyway, you can also install the iOS 16 upgrade from that computer. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Closes the iPhone with a Cables (Lightning to USB) to the computer
  2. Select from macOS 10.15 in the Finder-Sidebar Turn off the iPhone and click at the top General
  3. Dials up to macOS 10.14 or under Windows in iTunes top left iPhone and then Overview from
  4. Then click Looking for updates
  5. If the iOS 16 upgrade was found, click on Update

You can also find more information about the iOS update via the settings or a computer in the Online user guide by Apple. Incidentally, the linked page served as a source for the explanations here (I always update via the settings of the smartphone and have to look it up again and again for the procedure on the computer).

Should I wait to upgrade to iOS 16?

If you still have something important to do with the device today - an important phone call, a video call, a long-awaited message or the like - you might want to wait before updating the Apple iPhone to iOS 16. True, there have been many in recent months Beta versions, in which bugs, reasons for crashes and other problems could be fixed. But that there could be problems is not 100% impossible. Also, new operating systems on the iPhone (just like the MacBook) can sometimes lead to higher battery consumption initially. So if you're going to be out late tomorrow, postpone the upgrade (or take a power bank with you).

Tip: Make a backup on the computer beforehand

In any case, it is safe if you make a backup on a Mac or PC. If you have a copy of your current system, the data and apps, you can restore it in an emergency. After connecting the iPhone to the computer, you can also create the backup via the Finder (macOS 10.15 Catalina, macOS 11 Big Sur and macOS 12 Monterey) or via iTunes (macOS 10.14 Mojave or older and Windows). With the iPhone backup you also protect yourself against the everyday possible data loss. Apart from problems, it may also be that you do not like iOS 16, then a downgrade is also possible with the backup.

What does iOS 16 actually bring me?

The new iOS 16 was presented at the WWDC22 keynote. In addition to this presentation, new functions have also been announced again and again since then through reports on the individual beta versions. Innovations include: new camera features, new lock screen with customizable fonts and colors as well as widgets and graphics, the safety check, fitness app without Apple Watch, easy clipping of photo motifs, live text for videos, new photo features, wallet key sharing, and more. Take a look at the linked posts or at the official preview page from Apple if you are looking for more information. Which feature are you looking forward to the most? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

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7 comments on “Upgrade to iOS 16: information about installation, functions and backup in preparation”

  1. Hello, I have a bigger problem:
    Since the update to ios 16 (switching to iPhone14 pro), I can no longer get any pictures loaded onto the iMac.
    The computer is still running on MOJAVE. (because of old licenses, Adobe programs, Traktor etc.etc)

    The download ran completely normally until iPhone 12.

    Since the iPhone 14 pro displays the images in heic/ heiv …. writes, and no longer in JPG, I thought it was because of that.
    Then when switching to "maximum compatibility" in the iPhone, jpeg is used again!

    Nevertheless, download is no longer possible!
    neither in digital images, nor in PHOTOS, nor in graphic converter….

    The pictures in the iPhone are displayed, but I can't drag them to the computer.
    The error code always comes up:
    ImageCaptureCore error -9956

    Everything works fine on the MacBook with Monterey.
    But then I would have to take the detour via the MacBook, umpteen pictures (> 1000 +)
    reload onto the iMac with a stick etc.…

    Very very tedious and time consuming
    Everything else (also partition on the iMac with 2 programs, iCloud etc.) is much too cumbersome for me.

    Is there a program with which I can drag the pictures from the iPhone (14pro-iOS16) directly to the iMac (MOJAVE) again as normal?

    That would be extremely helpful

    Thank you for hints and solutions

    1. Hi Peter! I think I sent you an email, but I'd better catch up here. As far as I could see, the problem can have several causes. It could be a defective charging cable, which I would rule out if it always worked before with the same cable.
      Then the following approach would remain as a solution:

      1. Open the “Settings” on the iPhone
      2. then “Photos”
      3. Check the “Keep originals” option

      Maybe this will help you too?

    2. Hello Peter,

      I have two possible solutions, but I don't know if they work or make sense for over 1.000 photos.

      The first solution comes from this source and describes that “Image Capture” should set up full hard disk access in the security settings. Instructions and screenshots can be found on the linked page.

      The second approach would be to activate WiFi and Bluetooth on the iPhone and iMac, in order to then send the pictures via AirDrop. Of course, that takes longer because you have to select everything and have it transmitted by radio. But maybe it's a workaround until a real solution is found.

      Best regards

  2. Hello, Jens
    Thanks for quick info.
    No, unfortunately that doesn't help either.

    Cables are all ok.
    I've tried several different ones, but the problem remains.

    Have already loaded several photo programs.
    Also these programs say file format not recognized or not supported.

    As I said: No problem with the MONTEREY Mac,
    but on the iMAC MOJAVE (2019)
    it doesn't work anymore since the switch to the iPhone 14 :(

    1. It's a pity, I'll also look again to see how the problem can be solved. However, it seems that there is not only one cause and one solution. You probably have to try what works for you personally.

  3. This hard disk access was already set that way ;)

    How bewitched - It all went on for years...

    Maybe I should just reset iPhone 14 pro back to iOS15,
    to get rid of the problem.

    …. or just push everything back and forth with the stick.
    That's faster than with air-drop

    Thanks again !!

    1. Hello Peter,

      I'll take a look around and see if I can find a solution.

      The iPhone 14 Pro will not be able to be downgraded to iOS 15, since iOS 16 is the factory-installed system and iOS 15 is also not equipped with Dynamic Island, accident detection, satellite SOS and Co. So Apple puts a stop to the plan (once again)…

      Best regards

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