USB angle adapter or coupling with 90 ° and 270 ° angle

USB angle adapter from Goobay
USB angle adapter from Goobay

The Goobay USB angled adapter has received many positive reviews from customers and is to purchase from Amazon.

The area of ​​application for angle adapters can be quite different. You can use them on smart TVs, in the car or on laptops to make a USB stick less noticeable. The adapter can also be used against a sharp kink in the USB cable. MacBook owners like to use the adapters to let LTE sticks or other wireless sticks protrude upwards.

Good angle USB plugs and couplings offer support for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

It is also important to know that these adapters or cables do not contain any electronics, but only "loop through" the contacts. This means that there is also no deterioration in the transmission speed to be expected. They are suitable for connection to USB-1, USB-2 and USB-3 devices - while the USB-1 and USB-2 standards are supported by all adapters, only a few are designated for USB-3.

USB 3.0 adapter set

This USB 3.0 adapter set is very practical if you often need various plugs and adapters with normal, mini or micro USB. In addition, it is not kept in boring black but in chic blue. At the bottom of the list you can see the individual adapters that are included in the kit. The set is available for just under 20 EUR here on Amazon.

The USB adapter set: The most important thing in a cheap package

The purchase of the small USB adapters is quick and expensive. And often you don't know straight away which adapter or coupling will fit correctly. For this reason I would recommend the USB 3.0 adapter kit that is available here at Amazon. There are 12 practical USB adapters with the following specifications in this set (all USB 3.0 compatible!):

  •  vertical plug to socket, right-angled adapter x 2 (one variant left and one right)
  • Right-angled USB 3.0 type A male to female x 2 (one variant left and one right)
  • Straight adapter USB type A socket to micro plug
  • USB socket to USB socket x 2 (once with plastic protection around the sockets and once without)
  • USB extension type A male to type A female x 2 (one with plastic protection around the socket and one without)
  • USB extension type A female to B cable
  • USB extension USB B socket to B female
  • USB extension USB B female to USB Micro B

I'm not sure I translated everything correctly. It is best to take a look at the product photo in detail on Amazon before buying. There you can see all included adapters.

There are different versions of the USB angle adapter that I would like to introduce here:

Goobay adapter, angled 90 degrees
This adapter from Goobay is used by customers, for example, to insert a USB stick with music into the glove compartment of a car to save space. It is also used to hang an external hard drive on a television with a USB port.
USB 2.0 A plug to USB A socket, angled to the right
This adapter from Com-Four is right angled and the socket is set horizontally to 270 °. This means that USB sticks on the laptop can be aligned parallel to the edge of the housing, for example, in order to save space.
InLine USB 3.0 adapter, angled 90 degrees to the left
This adapter offers a USB connector type A to USB connector type A and simply branches off to the left. It supports the USB 3.0 standard and has no unnecessary cable but is made in one piece to save as much space as possible.
USB 3.0 extension cable with angled plug
This USB cable is well suited if you want to plug in wider USB sticks when the USB sockets are close together. You can work with this extension cable so that they don't get in each other's way. The cable offers a USB A plug (male) to a USB A socket (female).
Flexible 3D angle adapter with USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 from Lindy
This adapter is a special feature, which can be rotated through 360 ° - without using a cable. It is used, for example, with USB WLAN adapters, UMTS sticks, Bluetooth adapters or MP3 players.

If you haven't found what you need with these USB adapters, you may find it by searching for a USB angle adapter on Amazon. There you will also find adapters with micro-USB and mini-USB connections. I have already included the appropriate search term in the following link: continue to Amazon search.

More USB adapters on Amazon

There are several other USB adapters and couplings in the Amazon shop. I would like to introduce some of them here in terms of type:




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