[Solved] Which USB-C multiport chargers are available in stores?

USB-C as a charging port on a wide variety of devices is on the rise. And because Apple has switched to USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3 for MacBook, iPad and iPhone, there is also an ever larger market for chargers with correspondingly powerful connections. This fits in with the reader question from Daniel, who wanted to know whether there are currently USB-C multiport chargers with more than one connection and with USB Power Delivery (USB-PD). According to my research, there are the models shown below.

There are USB-C multiport chargers for parallel charging of multiple devices with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 - but with restrictions. Details on charger models for MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Powerbank can be found here!

There are USB-C multiport chargers for charging multiple devices in parallel with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 - but with restrictions. Details on charger models for MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Powerbank can be found here!

USB-C chargers in the Apfelot house

At home I currently have two third-party chargers with USB-C ports in use. However, both have tizi gas station with up to 75 watts as well as that Anchor PowerPort III with up to 30 watts only one USB Type-C plug. With more and more Apple devices such as Mac, MacBook, iPad (Pro) and probably soon the iPhone with this charging port and corresponding power banks, there is also a need for chargers with two or more alternatives to USB-A. Somewhat disappointing at the moment: you will only find chargers from various manufacturers with two USB-C ports - and possibly USB-A ports.

Helpers Lab with USB-PD, 18 W + 60 W

Helpers Lab has a usable-looking charger that delivers 18 watts and 60 watts with its two USB-C ports. There are also two USB-A ports that are designed for 5-volt devices and deliver a maximum of 2,4 amps. If you want to quickly plug in your C-cable and charge something, you will surely swap the connections in everyday use. A little help on the other hand is the labeling of the two ports. In addition, at the bottom I have an idea against the mix-up as a tip for you. But here first the Linking the Helpers Lab loader.

Dual Type C PD Charger Adapter with 2 USB-C PD (18W + 60W) & 2 USB- compatible with most USB-C ...
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  • 18W USB-C PD: Compatible with most Type-C cell phones like Apple, Google, Samsung, etc. The use of Light (ning) with ...

JYDMIX dual port charger, 48 W + 18 W

JYDMIX also has the strange division into a weaker and a stronger USB-C port with power delivery. This USB-C multiport charger also offers two USB-A ports with a total of 18 W including QuickCharge 3.0 (QC 3.0). But the parallels don't stop with this charger, because there are other models with two ports that have very different performance levels. So that you can have a look at this example yourself, here is the Link to the JYDMIX model.

Satechi Dual Type C PD Charger, 60 W + 18 W

Satechi, known for other interesting accessories such as MacBook hubs, also offers a charger that offers two USB-C and two USB-A ports. The former offer 60 W and 18 W. The latter two are designed for 5 V and a maximum of 2,4 A. There is again a marking of the connections so that you cannot confuse them on closer inspection. However, it is quite possible that this happens when used quickly in everyday life. You can take a look at the Satechi charger with this link.

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Inatek with 2 x Type C, 45 W + 15 W or 60 W.

Inatek offers another option to charge two devices in parallel with USB-C Power Delivery. However, the two ports share the power of 60 watts, which are divided into 15 W and 45 W accordingly. If you only use the stronger one, you can also pull the full power. The connections are only marked with “1” and “2”. A plus, but not a unique selling point, are the interchangeable plugs, as with the aforementioned chargers, so that the charger can be used internationally. You can see and buy the Inatek model with this link.

  • Charger

A tip for not confusing the USB-C ports

All models have performance restrictions, at least for one of the two ports. My tip for quick, but confusing use is the following: Connect a USB-C to Lightning cable to the weaker port and a USB-C to USB-C charging cable to the other USB-C port. You should leave it plugged in directly so that you can't mix up the connections. In this way, you can quickly charge Lightning devices such as iPad and iPhone via USB-PD and, for example, charge the current iPad Pro, MacBooks and power-hungry power banks via the powerful USB-C port.

USB-C Multiport Chargers - Conclusion

In summary, I can say that I personally do not find the current selection convincing. The fact that a port is always limited by the power does not seem suitable for everyday use - unless you really only have one stronger consumer (laptop) and one weaker consumer (iPhone, power bank). If I still had to choose a device, I would currently choose the 18W / 60W USB-C charger from Helpers Lab. Since it is currently not available on Amazon (as of July 22, 2019), the best alternative for spontaneous people would be the Satechi model.


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