USB charger with Schuko socket: Charge USB devices without occupying the socket

USB charger with Schuko socket, AUKEY, Belkin, Icy Box, Schuko and USB ports, travel, vacation charger for several USB devices smartphone tablet camera

Especially when traveling, it can be very annoying to take several USB chargers with you to charge all devices from smartphone to tablet to the camera (simultaneously); In addition, each USB charger occupies one socket. In a hotel room or other accommodation with only a few sockets, you will need one in addition to the chargers Distribution strip or a PowerCube. If you don't want to block a power socket but still want to charge several USB devices, then the following gadgets will help you. They are also very handy and therefore practical when traveling.

USB charger with Schuko socket, AUKEY, Belkin, Icy Box, Schuko and USB ports, travel, vacation charger for several USB devices smartphone tablet camera

Icy Box Schuko socket with four USB ports

The Icy box brings up to 5A to charge various devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, electric toothbrush, Action Cam and so on on the clock. For the iPhone and iPad, an ideal value of 2,4A or higher is recommended anyway, so that the battery is charged quickly. In addition to the four USB connections, the Icy Box also has a Schuko connection so that an electrical device can still be connected:

ICY BOX IB-CH404 4-way USB charger for the socket with a total of 5V / 5A, ...
  • Socket charger with 4x USB ports for simultaneous and fast charging of up to 4 USB devices with ...
  • For plugging into a standard socket (100-240V) - the socket can still be used as the charging adapter ...
  • Compatible with all USB devices that can be charged via a USB port, for example smartphones and tablets

Belkin Surge Plus SurgeCube with surge protection

This is the Belkin BSV103VF Surge Plus gadget with one-way surge protection. The USB ports charge with 2,4A each and are therefore recommended for iPhone and iPad as well as for other smartphones and tablets. In addition to the double USB charger, the Belkin device also has a Schuko connection:

7,86 EUR
Belkin SurgeCube USB Outlet and Surge Protector, 1 Way/1 Plug with Surge Protection,...
  • 1 protected socket: protect your office equipment, computer, household appliances or home cinema equipment with a ...
  • 2 integrated USB ports: Charge mobile devices in no time via two integrated USB-A ports with a total of...
  • Safe and smart: robust housing offers protection against fire, bumps and rust. LED indicates when the socket is not ...

AUKEY USB charger with four USB ports and a Schuko socket

The AUKEY gadget is a USB charger with a Schuko socket that has four USB ports. Each port can also provide up to 2,4A, so that smartphones, tablets, etc. can be charged quickly. The product page provides further details about the USB charger with a Schuko socket:

No products found.

Well-rated models at 2,1A or less

In addition to the Schuko sockets with USB connections that show 2,4A or more, there are also quite cheap alternatives, but they have less power. With tablets in particular, it can happen that the electricity supplied is insufficient for charging. But if you want to charge small devices that do not eat as many amperes or if you have more time to charge, then these are perhaps very nice alternatives:

revolt USB via mains: 2-in-1 socket with 2-way USB power supply, 2,1 A, surge protection...
  • Charge 2 USB devices at the same time: the socket remains free! • 2 USB charging ports with up to 2,1 A (total) • Red ...
  • Socket with double USB power pack • Output current: max. 2,1 A • Average efficiency in operation: 81,6%, ...
  • 2 strong USB charging sockets for all USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, power banks and much more • ...
ednet 31804 Universal USB charging adapter, charger, 2-port + Schuko socket feed-through, each ...
  • Charge your smartphone and tablet at the same time. The socket remains free!
  • Two USB ports with 1x 2,1A (tablet) and 1x 1A (smartphone) charging current
  • SCHUKO feed-through -> socket remains usable for other devices
LogiLink PA0057 USB socket adapter (passthrough) with 2x USB ports à 500mA for charging ...
  • 16A adapter with USB charger
  • Input: AC 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Output AC: AC 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz

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