USB fairy lights - Christmas feeling around the computer

A chain of lights with warm white LEDs is now the right thing for Advent to set up for Christmas and the contemplative time around it. If you have to work a lot and therefore hardly get to enjoy a cozy atmosphere at home, you can make your office, truck or construction container more Christmassy with a USB light chain. Whether on a Mac, PC, power bank or USB power supply - the various LED light chains with universal connection are available in different designs and even with remote control - as well as as a plus product to order.

With a USB light chain you get that LED Christmas feeling on your computer, power bank or power supply. Here I have put together some models for you. USB fairy lights warm white 2018

With a USB light chain you get that LED Christmas feeling on your computer, power bank or power supply. Here I have put together some models for you.

USB fairy lights for Christmas on a computer or other connection

With “USB”, of course, the computer comes to mind. Among other things, you can buy a USB light chain for the Apple Mac or Windows PC with the appropriate connections. Many not only have a USB connection for the corresponding interface on the computer, but also an on / off switch or a remote control. That means you don't always have to plug and unplug these bulbs to turn them on or off. In addition, some models can be dimmed, flashed, switched off using a timer and so on. For example it says a 5 star rating of this model on Amazonthat the USB light chain can also be used as a wall decoration:

My daughter uses the necklace as a wall decoration in her room. She is enthusiastic about the various switching options (flashing, dimming, etc.). We would buy them again.

LED light strip 10 m or 20 m
This USB light chain is ideal for Mac, PC, power supply unit or power bank. Can also be used outdoors. Can be ordered in lengths of 10 m or 20 m and with remote control included.

USB fairy lights in a double pack (with remote control)

If a string of lights with USB and 100 LEDs is not enough for you and you still have another connection free, you can of course also order a pack of 2. For example this of the brand BXROIU, even if it reads as if someone had fallen with their face on the keyboard: D The two USB fairy lights at a low price have a timer mode, various light, dimming and flashing modes and, in addition to the remote control, also a switch on the USB plug. Most customer reviews or ratings have 5 stars.

Pack of 2 at a low price
What's better than a USB string of lights? Two USB fairy lights! Here you get a double pack with 100 micro-LEDs and remote control each. Ideal for use on a computer, power bank or power supply unit.

USB light chain with different colors / color changes

If you not only want light from LEDs in warm white, but want to use a selection of 16 colors, then you could this model from Kohree like. Equipped with a universal connection and remote control (the standard model that comes with umpteen LED light strips), this USB light chain is also suitable for summer, parties and friends of colorful Christmas lights. There are also different lighting modes, the light can be dimmed and you benefit thanks to it Amazon Prime from a fast shipping.

Light chain with different colors
With this light chain you can not only use one color, but choose from 16 colors. Whether reflective, warm light, colorful Christmas lights or use at the garden party - here you get something for the whole year.

Further models in the overview

You will find more fairy lights with LEDs, which you can easily use on various power sources with a universal connection in this search result overview on Amazon. The different models vary in length, number of light-emitting diodes, usability indoors and outdoors, operation options, color and light modes. But they all have one thing in common: they are not too expensive and even bring cozy light to where there is no power supply, just a laptop or a power bank. Feel free to write in a comment where you use your USB light chain to have beautiful light in Advent;)


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