USB microphone - two good microphones for vloggers and podcasters

Rode Podcaster and BD DT 770 Pro
Rode Podcaster and BD DT 770 Pro

My USB Mikro Røde Podcaster with the Bayerdynamic DT 770 Pro - a good team!

Microphones with a USB connection are a practical thing if you want to get into audio production without a lot of technical bells and whistles. Usually you plug them into your Mac or PC. The computer then installs the appropriate driver and the audio device is configured and can be used as an input source. Garage Band, for example, can be used for recording on the Mac, which already has a ready-made setting for podcast production. For people who want to have more control over the audio, we recommend Logic Pro X, which provides numerous audio filters and plugins that can also be used to improve speech productions.

Recommended USB microphones in stores

There are some good microphones with USB ports on the market that you can recommend without hesitation, as they provide very good audio quality. Both of the microphones presented here have a cardioid polar pattern and a 3,5 mm headphone output for latency-free monitoring. Both microphones also have a built-in pop screen

Røde Podcaster Set with spider and table tripod
The Røde Podcaster is used by many podcasters and other semi-professional audio producers for a reason. It is a dynamic microphone that primarily records sound waves directly in front of you. This makes it suitable as a USB mic if you don't have a professional studio in which to record. Noises such as fans from the computer or the like will still be found in the recording - albeit less strongly than with other microphones. The set presented here also contains a table tripod and a spider in which the microphone is mounted in order to decouple it from vibrations of the table. The headphone connection with built-in preamplifier, which enables real-time monitoring directly during recording, is also helpful. The complete set costs a little over 200 EUR.

however, they are not. However, the Samson Meteor also has a stand adapter so that it can be mounted on any studio tripod - even with a spider. However, there are some case reports on the Internet in which the computers do not recognize the microphone. Nothing is known about this at Røde Podcaster. "]

Interesting for on the go: recordings with iPad and iPhone

Both USB microphones can be connected directly to iPhones or iPads with a Lightning-to-USB adapter (for iOS devices with a Lightning connection, such as iPhone 5 or iPad mini) or an Apple Camera Connection Kit. If you then install Garage Band for iOS on it, you can make audio recordings with reasonably high quality microphones very easily even on the go. However, this configuration can also be interesting for at home, for example if the computer always starts to ventilate. I have the problem with the MacBook Pro Retina, which ventilates very quietly, but the Røde Podcaster also notices that. I'll filter that out of the recording later with a noise gate, but of course it is better not to have the ventilation inside the recording.

Apple Camera Connection Kit for 30-pin iOS devices
You need this adapter if you are still working, for example, with the iPad 1-3 or the iPhone 3, 4 or 4s. Newer models already have the Lightning connectors.
2,01 EUR
Apple Lighting to USB adapter
This adapter is required for the iPad mini, the iPad 4 or the iPhone 5, for example.

And if you are still looking for good monitoring headphones, you will be happy with this one:

30,00 EUR
Bayerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 ohms
This 80 ohm version of the headphones was particularly recommended to me when used on a Mac, as the version with 32 ohm impedance on Macs can sometimes not be set loud enough.
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  2. soft says:

    if you can afford it, you should definitely get the rode. but you described the advantages and disadvantages of both models very well. but record with the iphone? you do that twice because you can :) and then never again ...
    if you have the computer as a loud source of noise, you can also think about a dynamic microphone with a close-up discussion effect.

    lg molli

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hi Molli! Do you have a suggestion as to which dynamic microphone could be used? LG!

      • Mike says:

        The Rode Podcaster is a dynamic microphone;)
        I also tested the Samson. It's actually just nice to look at and echoes like hell if you're not recording in a recording studio.
        I then have a thick sock over the microphone as an improvised pop filter and the quality was worlds better. Without this "trick" I would not recommend the microphone.
        I've had a T-Bone SC440 on the articulated arm tripod at the desk with a pop filter in front of it and a sock over it for six years (that's kind of my thing; D).
        Was available for around 100 euros and offers absolute professional quality. An absolute bargain in the long term.
        Has now been used for hundreds of TV reports and online videos. Have now tested all common microphones, but I haven't gotten too weak to get a new one. The Auna Mic 900B is definitely interesting in this price range. I would use that as a successor if the T-Bone should ever give up the ghost.
        If you want to record with your smartphone, I would recommend a cheap clip-on microphone for around 10 euros. With this you already have a very good tone, which can also meet professional requirements in a quiet environment.

        • Sir Apfelot says:

          Hi mike! Thanks for your assessment. I can't say so much bad thing about the Samson. Friends use it for YouTube dubbing and I think the results are pretty good. But the sock trick might be an interesting idea for people who already have it. LG! Jens

  3. soft says:

    The Rode Reporter would then be the model of choice. But it also costs about 150 €

    Lg Molli

  4. Anne says:

    Hello, I hope you can give me a tip.
    Based on this article, I got the Samson Meteor and think the sound is great - as soon as the microphone is connected to a Windows PC.
    Since I live in an Apple family, I also have a Mac and with every Mac (I've tried Pro and others) there is a lot of noise and constant beeping in the background when recording. No matter how I change the settings in Audacity or Garageband. I can only get rid of it with very blatant post-processing and then of course the voice quality is stupid. There is no improvement over Parallels Windows on the Mac either.
    Do the other users use all Windows PCs and is it really the Mac? If so, what is the alternative? The Rhode is too expensive for me right now and who knows if that doesn't whine too? I am really happy if you can help me. Many greetings and a big thank you!

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Anne! Your problem sounds very much like a hardware problem, because you write that it also occurs under Windows on the Mac. In addition, from my point of view, the hissing and beeping is probably due to a lack of shielding. Your Mac could not be properly grounded. Alternatively, it could be due to the micro cable or plug, because it would be strange if something was wrong with the grounding on every Mac. Maybe you ask the support of the Samson Meteor. Maybe they know the problem ... I'll keep my fingers crossed that there is a solution, because basically the microphone also works on the Mac!

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