USB OTG: Use USB devices on the go without a computer or laptop

USB OTG On The Go Smartphone Android iOS iPhone Host Micro SD Lightning Adapter

USB OTG stands for "USB On The Go", ie for using USB devices on the go. If devices such as cameras and printers support the OTG or On-the-Go standard, you don't need to connect a computer to print out images directly from the camera. Smartphones such as the iPhone or tablets such as the iPad (Pro) can also be equipped with the appropriate USB OTG cables and / or adapters with peripherals. Some devices such as keyboards are already made by Apple and MFi certified third party providers offered.

USB OTG stands for USB On The Go. If a device or cable bears this logo (possibly only on the packaging), then it can be used for USB OTG applications.
USB OTG stands for USB On The Go. If a device or cable bears this logo (possibly only on the packaging), then it can be used for USB OTG applications.

USB On-The-Go: that's behind the OTG standard

Among other things, a smartphone, which is basically a small computer, can be connected to other devices via USB OTG or used as a host, ie "on the go" as a computer. In addition to an Android smartphone, an iPhone with iOS can of course also be used here. However, there are some barriers depending on the smartphone, tablet and additional device used - the connections vary from USB to Micro USB to Lightning. This can be remedied by using a USB OTG host adapter cable - like this one:

adaptare 40237 USB-OTG adapter cable double hub Micro-USB plug USB socket type A + ...
  • USB OTG hub cable: Connect two devices to a micro USB port on a smartphone or tablet.
  • The micro-USB plug has what is known as OTG wiring: the Android device switches on as soon as it is plugged in ...
  • This means that it will now act like a computer so other USB devices can be connected to it ...

On the product page you will find other models, for example USB OTG host cables for the iPhone with Lightning connector, a corresponding cable with 30-pin connector for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and so on. With these and similar cables, in addition to the smartphone or tablet, other devices can also be connected to an external hard drive, keyboard, camera, printer or similar. So you can also drag your pictures from the digital camera or digital SLR to your smartphone and share them from there.

USB OTG: Use USB stick with different devices

Whether a USB stick or other device with USB OTG standard: that the individual items are suitable for USB OTG use, you can see that by the logo that I built into you above in this post. Dragging data, photos, music and so on directly from the USB stick to the smartphone or videos and images from the camera onto the stick - theoretically this is also possible with USB OTG. Operate a smartphone or tablet with the mouse? Basically also conceivable if iOS or Android offer a cursor on the device;)

KiWiBiRD Micro USB OTG adapter, card reader and more

Whether USB, micro USB, SD card or micro SD card - this adapter can do everything and that too with the USB OTG standard. This means that data can be exchanged between umpteen devices without a computer / PC / Mac. If the individual devices (camera, USB stick, hard drive, etc.) are also USB OTG capable, you don't even need to connect a smartphone or tablet:

1,00 EUR
KiWiBiRD SD Micro SD card reader, USB 2.0 card reader, Micro USB OTG memory card adapter ...
  • Allows direct data exchange between memory cards (SD/MicroSD) and USB 2.0. Works with Samsung's Smart...
  • Standard USB 2.0 connection (type A) and the micro USB connection (type B) makes our card reader compatible with all...
  • Compact card reader for SDHC/SDXC, micro SD/micro SDHC/micro SDXC, and UHS-I cards.
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