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Modern mobile devices can be charged with a charger at the socket or via USB on a Mac, MacBook, power bank or PC; or on one USB power socket. In this article, I would like to show you where you can get such a USB socket that ensures that not only Schuko connections but also rectangular ports sprout from the domestic power supply. In addition to combined sockets and USB connections, I will also give you a few alternatives - because not every user and every location are specially built-in USB sockets ...

Upate, 25.11.2016/13/35, XNUMX:XNUMX p.m .: If you want to purchase one of the indicated sockets, I was informed, it is also important to pay attention to the VDE approval. If you want to purchase additional contact protection for the models shown, you can do this for the Schukos here., and for the USB ports here.. If you search on Amazon directly for "USB socket with VDE approval" you also get Models of bush hunters shown, which bring an "increased contact protection". There is also a reference to VDE. The additional security is also noticeable in the price.

Double pack: Minadax protective contact socket with 2 USB ports

For currently less than 25 euros you can get this double pack with two white sockets including two USB ports each. You can also choose other colors and combinations on the Amazon page linked below - the price varies depending on the selection. A gold USB socket (single!) Costs about the same as the white double pack. The three-pack is at a good price of just over 30 euros.

2x Minadax protective contact socket 230V 220V with 2x USB
Earthing contact socket with integrated child safety device. Simultaneous use of all connections, USB up to 2.1A. For uncomplicated charging of all mobile devices that have a USB interface, such as iPhone, iPad and smartphones

Brandson socket with 2 USB ports and good reviews

This USB socket from Brandson comes with an even better average rating, but also at a slightly higher price. The model can definitely be described as elegant and has electronic short-circuit protection and overload protection. The parallel use of all three connections is of course possible.

Brandson - socket with 2 x USB port + cover
Output voltage: 5V DC (USB) | 250V ~ AC (protective contact socket) | Connections: 1x protective contact socket / 2x USB | Mounting type: flush-mounted | USB output current: max. 2100mA

Mobile solution for offices and the like from LogiLink

Especially if you are looking for a solution for the office or another work location, then socket adapters with USB connections are the right solution. These devices are also suitable for at home, if you don't necessarily want to hire an electrician to install USB sockets. The bargain from LogiLink presented here comes with a Schuko connection and two USB ports.

LogiLink PA0057 DC adapter with 2x USB charging ports
2-port USB power supply with socket / Suitable for 230 V Schuko sockets / USB output: 5 V, 2x 500 mA

AUKEY socket adapter with 1 x Schuko and 4 x USB in black

In addition to a protective contact connection, this model from AUKEY also has four USB connections that can be connected to iPad, iPhone, Kindle Reader, Android smartphone or tablet, in parallel. GoPro and the like can be loaded. The price of (currently) 19,99 euros is not bad for that. As a mobile solution (also for station / train and airport / plane) wonderful.

Simpeak USB socket for the desk (only USB ports)

If you work a lot with mobile devices, maybe in the photo or video area or want to charge one or the other power bank at the same time, this USB socket is wonderfully suitable. You can insert it directly into the worktop of your desk and plug it into a socket - you already have four USB charging ports available at any time.

Simpeak 30W 4-Port USB Desk Charger for installation in cable ducts in desks
Saves space: Fits innovatively in cable entry holes and thus saves space on your desk and in tables and counters

Belkin products with quality and even more slots

In addition to the products presented here, you should also find those on the brand page of Belkin take into account. There you will find, among other things, socket strips with several Schuko connections and several USB ports. Here, too, it is positive that these solutions can be used mobile, at home, in the office, in the break room and in many other places. In addition to the linked brand page, I would like to present you an example here:

10,00 EUR
Belkin Surge Plus 8-way power strip (surge protection, USB, 2,4A, 2m cable) white / gray
2x USB ports 2.4A (shared); 2 m cable; two-pole switch system; LED display / For protecting tablets, smartphones, televisions, receivers and other home theater systems

Conclusion on USB sockets

There is a wide range of options, from USB sockets for flush-mounted installation via simple adapters with Schuko and USB to socket strips with USB ports. Which solution do you find the most practical? What would be your favorite for at home, for work, and for on the go? Feel free to leave a comment!


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