UV-C light against germs on iPhone and iPad - coronavirus is bearing strange fruits

The Coronavirus, whose epicenter is located in Wuhan, China, appears to be a new threat to global health. Clickbait is not infrequently used with the virus, because many Internet users are afraid of human-to-human infection. But what about the transmission via mobile objects? IMore relies on this card at this point. With lots of information about the corona virus, too 2019-Ncov called, the article trumps, but tries to advertise UV devices that can be used to disinfect the Apple iPhone and iPad. Well, I'll try that too ...

To kill bacteria and other germs on the iPhone and iPad, you can use UV-C light in the devices of the PhoneSoap brand. The subject of coronavirus is only clickbait.
To kill bacteria and other germs on the iPhone and iPad, you can use UV-C light in the devices of the PhoneSoap brand. The subject of coronavirus is only clickbait.

PhoneSoap: UV-C light against germs on the smartphone

Sure, the smartphone is with you all day. Whether in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, car, public transport, office or anywhere else - it is exposed to the environment everywhere. And if you take to touch it without having washed your hands especially for this purpose. This means that bacteria and other microorganisms settle on the surface of iPhone and Co. To kill these and disinfect the smartphone, there are UV chambers for domestic use. Among other things, PhoneSoap offers UV-C Sanatizer, in which you can also conveniently charge the cell phone's battery. Here you can take a look at the UV cell phone cleaner.

1,42 EUR
PhoneSoap 3 - UV Cell Phone Cleaner and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger | Patented and Clinical ...
  • As seen on Shark Tank and Discovery Channel: PhoneSoap's revolutionary bacteria removal technology has ...
  • Kills 99,99% of Bacteria with UV Light: Our patented design is the only device that your entire phone ...
  • Stay healthy: Cell phones collect all the bacteria we touch all day and they breed and grow ...

PhoneSoap XL for light cleaning of tablets

Tablets are also quickly covered with germs if they are not cleaned regularly. So if you suspect pathogens are also on these mobile devices, you can order the larger version of the PhoneSoap device - you can find all the details here. However, the dimensions and therefore the fact whether your device fits in there at all must be taken into account. With a height of 25 cm, a width of 11 cm and a depth of 41 cm, for example, a 12,9-inch iPad Pro from Apple can easily be accommodated. All other Apple iPads also fit into it. The UV-C light inside the device can break the DNA of bacteria and thus kill the microorganisms.

PhoneSoap PSXL-B UV-C disinfection device for tablets, black
7 reviews
PhoneSoap PSXL-B UV-C disinfection device for tablets, black
  • UV Sanitizer Universal Charger Charges your device while it is being disinfected Also for the largest tablets such as ...

Can UV light kill the coronavirus?

I wouldn't bet on that. If you have a well-founded suspicion that you have come into contact with the coronavirus (a trip to Wuhan, for example), you should not use blogs anyway, but rather contact your doctor for further steps. In the article linked above, iMore includes the fact that UV or UV-C light can kill viruses Mention of this study close, but doesn't prove it. Because in the paper it is clear that not all viruses, but mainly bacteria are switched off by irradiation. I do not recommend relying on viruses of any kind (coronavirus, flu, SARS, etc.) to be rendered harmless with a lamp. If in doubt, use a disinfectant spray, rubbing alcohol or the like.

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