Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Nerd Girlfriend and Geek Boyfriend

Valentine's Day 2018 is just around the corner and you might be looking for the right gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Something cheesy from the mainstream won't come in your bag, so you're looking for Valentine's Day gifts for nerds and geeks in particular. Very good, then you are on the right page! In the following you will find various gifts for the better half that go with the digital pop culture d'accord or that are corresponding gadgets for everyday life.

Valentine's Day: You can find gifts for your girlfriend from the areas of nerdism, gadgets and gaming here.

Valentine's Day: You can find gifts for your girlfriend from the areas of nerdism, gadgets and gaming here.

Heart pendant chain with USB stick

This heart pendant chain with an integrated USB stick (16GB memory) is ideal as a Valentine's Day gift for a girlfriend. It is held together securely with a magnet and at first glance does not look like a gadget, but rather a chic piece of jewelry. A little tip: swap the standard chain for something of higher quality from the local jewelry store before giving it away;)

Chain with a heart USB stick pendant
The metal pendant looks like a beautiful, kitschy heart with rhinestones, which is perfect as a pendant. Inside, however, there is a USB stick for Windows, macOS and Co. that can be loaded with 16GB - for mixtape, couple photos and more.

myPresso: Mini espresso machine for on the go

Your better half will never be without a caffeine kick again when you give away this mini espresso machine. Simply fill in the espresso powder, wrap it up and take it with you. If you don't have hot water on hand when you are out and about, it is also worth taking a small thermo jug with you to carry the hot water for your coffee. Then simply fill in, unlock and pull the trigger - and your treasure will have energy again.

Mini espresso machine from Klarstein
The myPresso mini espresso machine with 8 bar brewing pressure for 80 ml of fine, strong coffee is ideal for on the go. Do you want to visit all the stands at the convention or trade fair and have hours of preparation for cosplay behind you? Then it's best to order two pieces at once;)

Tetris lamp for living room and bedroom, bathroom and office

What would your common nerd household be without a Tetris lamp? Exactly, nothing! This modular lamp, with which you can also play Tetris to a certain extent, is a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day for your girlfriend, boyfriend and household.

Tetris lamp for light and fun
Whether in a clear form or arranged wildly - the colored elements, which look like Tetris stones, donate light and turn the living room, gaming and / or bedroom into a recognizable gambling den. A nice gift for Valentine's Day for a girlfriend or boyfriend.

The Legend of Zelda lamp (or other merch)

In the following I am listing a lamp as a representative of a huge and very beautiful merchandise group of a successful franchise. If you take a look at the Amazon product page, you will find many more Zelda items such as bed linen, a Hyrule Monopoly version, Triforce jewelry, mugs, posters, books, T-shirts and much more:

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Lamp
Whose boyfriend or girlfriend is less interested in Tetris than in Link's adventures should take a look at this product page. In addition to the Triforce lamp, there is a whole lot of other Zelda merch here!

Console skins with hearts and clear messages

You want to beautify your friend's console for Valentine's Day 2018 and are still looking for the right skins for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Co.? Then you might be interested in these two products! The first is a clear announcement with “Break My Heart, I'll Break Your Face!” For PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, their controllers, slim versions and Co., while the second adhesive film with a pixel heart for the Nintendo Switch is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda.

Space shower curtain with cat, taco and pizza

Even those who do not hang around in the abyss of tumblr will know these four elements of digital pop culture that have become memes of their very own kind: colorful space images, cats, tacos and of course pizza as the ultimate fast food. If you (alone or together) do not want to do without it while showering, then this shower curtain is ideal! Just give it as a Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend and then enjoy it in the bathroom.

Shower curtain for nerds and tumblr geeks
The cat shower curtain, which comes with the corresponding hooks for attaching it to the curtain rod, not only looks great, but is also practical. It can also be cleaned in the washing machine. A great idea as a Valentine's Day gift that doesn't cost a lot of money.

Heart key with USB memory (up to 64GB)

Like the heart pendant, this key for the key ring, the chain and as a further accessory is a bit cheesy, but also very nice to look at. On the product page you can choose a memory from 8GB (12,90 EUR) to 64GB (35,90 EUR). If you give away the heart key as a present for a girlfriend or boyfriend on Valentine's Day, then you can put a mixtape, shared photos or a self-made video of your last vacation on it;)

Conclusion on Valentine's Day gifts for the girlfriend / boyfriend

There are a lot of different small and large gifts for girlfriends and boyfriends for Valentine's Day 2018. I hope that this small overview included the right one for you too. Do you have another tip or even a wish that you will hopefully get fulfilled this year? Then please leave a corresponding comment on the topic: D Do you need more inspiration? Then this way: Gifts for girlfriend / boyfriend


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