Quick and easy: record voice memos on Apple Watch and iPhone

Record voice memo iPhone and Apple Watch

Since watchOS 6, voice memos can also be recorded on the Apple Watch. What was previously possible with the iPhone is now also possible on the wrist: start audio recording, record, synchronize with iCloud and access it from anywhere. The voice memos created with the Apple Watch can also be conveniently listened to on the iPhone or Macbook. A handy application for on the go so you never forget a thought again.

With this app you can create voice recordings on any device. Image: Julian O'hayon (Unsplash)

"Voice Memos": The app for iPhone, Apple Watch and Co.

Who knows how many good ideas, which naturally arise in the most unfavorable situations, have been forgotten again because they could not be recorded. Hardly anyone carries a notepad with them all the time. And despite the iPhone: Many people have neither the opportunity nor the motivation to type in thoughts quickly. That's why there are apps for voice recordings - and not just on smartphones. Since the launch of the Voice Memos app on Apple Watch, it's easier than ever to create Voice Memos and access them from any device (if you want to).

The Voice Memos app on iPhone and Apple Watch. Image: support.apple.com

All you have to do is install the Voice Memos application on the devices you want to use the app on, if you don't already have it. When opening the app you will see a big red button. If you press on it, the audio recording starts and you create a voice memo. When installing or opening the application for the first time, you can decide whether you want to synchronize the audio files recorded in the app with all other devices via iCloud. If so, you can access, listen to and create new recordings of your voice memos from anywhere: Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac.

Record and listen to a voice memo using the Apple Watch as an example

Record a voice memo with Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Voice Memos app
  2. Press the big red button
  3. The button turns into a red square and the recording starts
  4. Tap the red square to stop recording

Listen to a voice memo with Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Voice Memos app
  2. All previous voice memos are listed under the big red button
  3. Select the recording you want to listen to and press it
  4. Next to the play button are the "next" and "back" icons, each of which fast forwards or rewinds 15 seconds
  5. Tap the three dots to delete the selected recording

The app's interface will vary on other devices, but the icons will remain the same.

The Voice Memos app on Macbook or iMac.

Additional functions on iPhone, iPad, Macbook and iMac

On other devices, the voice memos can be edited a bit. There is the possibility to cut out silence, change the playback tempo of the recording and automatically improve the audio quality.

The voice memos can also be edited.

Use voice recordings to capture ideas. Never forget a thought again, simply record it with the voice memo app and listen to your audio file from any device, whenever you want.

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  1. Hello, I would like to know why there is no complication for the Voice Memos app for the watch (or what did I do wrong?).
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