Electric kettles for trucks with 24 volts - the current bestsellers

Anyone who travels a lot in a truck for work wants to be able to use hot water every now and then. Be it to be able to prepare a coffee or tea, or for cleaning dishes or similar. While normal cars usually only supply 12 volts at the cigarette lighter, most trucks have an on-board voltage of 24 volts (24 V). For this reason, the travel kettles for cars (12 V on-board voltage) also differ from those that truck drivers need. Some models also offer an adapter that can handle both voltages, but this should be checked on a case-by-case basis.

Truck kettle for truck drivers. These devices work with a voltage of 24V and usually offer smaller filling quantities than a kettle for the household (Photo: Pixabay).
Truck kettle for truck drivers. These devices work with a voltage of 24V and usually offer smaller filling quantities than a kettle for the household (Photo: Pixabay).

The following list shows the bestsellers of kettles that work with 24V voltage. Anyone who as a truck driver can also fall back on 12 volts can of course also choose a normal car kettle.

Bestseller no. 1 Dunlop travel kettle - travel kettle 24V - kettle for car, truck and mobile home - with...
Bestseller no. 2 Kettle Ltr 24V 300W - 0.8L
Bestseller no. 3 All Ride kettle 24V for trucks - 0,8L kettle for cars, trucks, caravans and boats - thermal and...
Bestseller no. 4 Carpoint kettle 24 V 1 l
4,25 EURBestseller no. 5 All Ride Kettle 1,0 L 24V/300W, 871125252614, Black
Bestseller no. 6 BuyWeek Car Kettle 24V, Portable 750ml Large Capacity Car Truck Kettle Travel...
Bestseller no. 7 Kettle for Car Travel Mug 24V/12V Electric Vehicle Heated Water Cup Fast...
Bestseller no. 8 Lescars kettle 24V: truck and motorhome kettle for 24 V connection, 240 watts, 800 ml...
Bestseller no. 9 Greensen Car Kettle, Travel Kettle 1000ml Kettle 24V for Truck Portable Stainless Steel...

12 V and 24 V - two different connections

In addition to the different voltages found in cars and trucks, the connections for the devices are also different. The plug for the cigarette lighter, which is known from car kettles, does not fit with a 24-volt system.

The use of an adapter from 24V to 12V is not recommended, as you should rather work with 24 volts. The more voltage and current available, the faster the kettles heat the water.

0,5 liters is usually sufficient

The kettle works most effectively when it only has to heat the exact amount of water that is needed. In view of this, the stoves with a capacity of 0,5 liters are often the best choice for long-distance drivers, as this amount of water is exactly enough for two cups of coffee (or tea).

The best kettle for 24 volts?

It's hard to claim that one or the other product is the "best", but if you look at which 24V kettle for trucks has the best ratings, you'll quickly end up with the Aqua Soft kettle, which has a capacity of 1 liter and an output of 250 watts convinced. The 5-star customer ratings from long-distance drivers also attest to the excellent function of the device.

Kettle Aqua soft 0.8 liters 24V / 250W Truck Truck Car Caravan Camping Caravan Motorhome Boat...
  • HOT WATER TO GO Whether it's for the next camping trip or as a hot water heater for long-distance drivers. This...
  • 0,8L CAPACITY Simply plug this kettle into your truck or caravan's cigarette port...
  • PORTABLE Because it is made of plastic, the kettle is easy to carry (approx. 500g) and can therefore be...

The best brands in car kettles

If you look at the electric kettles for cars, you will always find some brands among the best products:

  • All Ride
  • Qiilu
  • film feel
  • Puncia
  • fdit

Tip: Smart coffee mug from Puncia with a keep warm function

A small gadget that I just discovered while researching this article is the smart coffee-to-go mug from Puncia. This is connected to the cigarette lighter in the car and then keeps the beverage filled in at a constant temperature. If you always want to enjoy your latte macchiato hot, for example, you can set a temperature between 50 and 60 degrees here. You can choose here in 2 ° C steps.

Since you set the temperature between 10 and 90 ° C and the cup has an inner cup that can be removed so that cleaning is very easy. The coffee cup is made of special FDA and BPA-free material that is also used for baby bottles.


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