Web Search Trick: Find results of a specific page faster

Are you looking for a specific Apple guide for the iPhone, but the search engine only returns advertising-laden websites? Or are you looking for a specific Mac support document that gets lost among links to numerous Apple blogs? There is a remedy for both cases. In this guide, you'll find instructions to get you to the exact page you're looking for. You can also use the tricks shown below to get certain posts from sir appleot or found on other websites. Do you know any additional tips for using Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Google and Co.? Then please leave a comment.

You can use the "site:" search operator to restrict your search query to a specific website. Examples, exact Apple URLs and other search operators for Google, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Bing and Co. can be found here.
You can use the search operator “site:” to limit your search query to a specific website. Examples, exact Apple URLs and other search operators for Google, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Bing and Co. can be found here.

Find articles, instructions and texts of certain websites faster

If you are looking for specific content on a website whose Internet address (URL) you know, you can include this in your search query. Enter the words you are looking for and then site:example.de a. Instead of “beispiel.de” you naturally use the website on which you want to browse for the search terms. 

Do you want z. B. Live Text explanations and tutorials from Apple, then search in the search engine of your choice livetextsite:apple.com. Would you rather read the linked guide from the Sir Apfelot Blog, then search for it live text site: sir-apfelot.de. Only the results of this page will be presented to you.

More accurate address = more accurate search results

By the way, you can use the "site:" trick a bit more specifically if you want. Because the website URL is z. B. extended at Apple if certain content such as developer information, apps, support documents or the like play a role. Here are a few examples of expanding your search query:

  • site:support.apple.com – Only Apple's support documents with instructions and assistance are taken into account (only German results are included site:support.apple.com/en-us/)
  • site:developer.apple.com – Only subpages that are in Apple's developer section of the website will be considered
  • site:communities.apple.com - Thanks to this addition to your search query, the search engine will only show you results from Apple's community area (only German results are included site:communities.apple.com/en/)
  • site:apps.apple.com - With this you search specifically for apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Co. (only German results are included site:apps.apple.com/en/)
  • site:play.google.com – This add-on for the search engine helps you with the targeted search for Android apps

Search operators for more precise searches on the web

For even more accurate search results, there are numerous other things you can write in the text field of the search engine. These are collectively called search operators. For Google, there are very extensive lists on the web that OR, AND and AROUND offer to define word combinations. 

There is also a way to search for content in the URL, in the title of the website or in its text inurl:, intitle: and intext:. After films, for example for corresponding cinema appointments, you can come along movie: search (example: movie:"Fantastic Beasts 3" berlin) and and and. The search operator website: works not only in Google, but in all common search engines; I haven't tried the others everywhere.

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