Webcam cover and Camsticker® for iMac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad

Webcam cover, webcam stickers, webcam stickers or just counter espionage - there are many names for the stickers and sliders that can be used to disable the camera of smartphones, laptops and PCs. You don't have to enter the world of Mr. Robot and Co. to know that the webcams, Facetime cameras and smartphone cameras from iMac and MacBook to iPhone and iPad to Android devices and other devices can be used for spying. Simple stickers are the best defense.

Webcam cover using the camera sticker from SafeCam as an example; Stickers for smartphone cam
Webcam covers using the example of the SafeCam camera sticker - also available in a hipster version for the very modern and cool among you;)

SafeCam webcam cover: stickers for a good cause

When looking for webcam stickers, I recommend those from SafeCam, and there are several reasons for that. These stickers for the camera of iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook and Co. are self-adhesive - but without glue or toxic ingredients. They are reusable, leave no marks and look cool. And best of all: the Made In Germany stickers for the camera serve a good cause, as 10% of the income goes to the children's aid organization Global care .

SafeCam sticker for the camera
Whether Android device, iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook: with these webcam stickers or camera stickers or cam covers you protect yourself against optical espionage. You are not only safe against hackers and Trojans, but also in the local network. There are a number of designs on the product page.

Webcam covers that slide open and close

In addition to the camera stickers for a good cause, there is also a kind of webcam cover that can be opened and closed. Soomz's self-adhesive sliders, for example, are 1 mm thin and not only fit on smartphones, but also on laptops' webcams or iMacs. Personal opinion: I would probably only use it on the iMac, since MacBooks and other laptops no longer close properly with it - on smartphones the sliders create a (albeit thin) elevation that you actually want to avoid. But maybe they are something for you:

soomz covers for the camera
This webcam cover comes in a pack of three. The espionage defense for laptops and the like can easily be opened and closed. Self-adhesive and can be removed without leaving any residue. This makes it ideal for temporary workplaces.

Camsticker® as a separate brand

There are also stickers for the webcam cover that are sold directly under the name CAMSTICKER®. These stickers for the webcam and smartphone camera have very good ratings on Amazon. The price is also perfectly fine. The manufacturer's slogan is by the way Counterintelligence made in Germany. With these webcam stickers you are almost buying regionally;)

Camsticker® anti-espionage camera covers
These stickers from CAMSTICKER® are available in different packs. From 12 pieces to 25 pieces to 50 pieces you have the opportunity to order plenty. They are available in matt black, white, neon colors and in different sizes. Here you get the matt black, 6 mm diameter stickers in a pack of 25.

Further useful information and helpers

If you want to know whether the webcam on your iMac, Mac or MacBook is being used by others, then maybe the app is the one oversight something for you. In the article on App you get details about the download and use - here only so much: with the app you can effectively monitor your webcam and the microphone of your computer. Otherwise, the following applies: always keep the operating system up to date and a virus protection use. So you protect yourself at least against currently known Trojans, Ransomware etc. And in private moments simply LAN, WiFicut off mobile data and so on or leave the devices outside;)

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  1. I've been amazed for years that so few people care about webcam covers. And that in Germany, which is critical of data protection. ;-)

    But I think with the increase in home offices this year, a lot of new covers have surely been added to the laptops. :-)

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