New iPad system: what does iPadOS 16 bring us?

New iPad models are said to be coming this month, and with them that presented by Apple in June iPadOS 16 operating system come onto the market. This is for various models with A and M chips Compatible, but also brings various new functions to the different devices. The so-called Stage Manager, a new way of arranging and selecting open app windows, is used e.g. B. only on iPads with M1 and M2 chip be available. In addition to the Stage Manager, there are other new functions that are worth a closer look.

What does the iPadOS 16 upgrade bring to Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro? Here you will find new functions for the system and apps on the individual tablets.

What does the iPadOS 16 upgrade bring to Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro? Here you will find new functions for the system and apps on the individual tablets.


As already below iOS 16 on iPhone, photos can be edited faster on iPad with iPadOS 16. In addition, changes from one photo can be transferred to other images, so that you do not have to turn each slider to the same value. In addition, in shared media libraries, everyone involved can make edits, add and delete photos, as well as assign tags, create favorites and the like. 

In addition, it is no longer just possible to select individual photos or albums for sharing, but also dates or the people depicted. In addition, the “Shared iCloud Photo Library” feature is coming to the iPad – for shared use with up to five people via family sharing. However, it has already been announced that this function will be a bit late and will not come out directly with the iPadOS 16 release. But what should be usable directly is the release function for image content: Automatically crop photos.


iMessage messages on the iPad and iPhone get new uses - for example, they can be marked as unread if you want to look at them again later and reply because you don't have the time ad hoc. For iOS 16 we have already written a few instructions for further innovations. On the iPad with iPadOS 16 they will also apply:

On iPad, the Messages app for iMessage contacts, SMS and MMS will also get SharePlay and provide better teamwork experience. Because a wide variety of content such as notes, Safari tab groups, Keynote-Share presentations and so on. Working together on a project is even easier thanks to Apple's own solutions. 

Email Address

In addition to a revised search, the Apple Mail app under iPadOS 16 also includes those advantageous innovations that are found in iOS 16 for the iPhone. Here are a few guides we've already published for this:

pass keys

Instead of passwords that are entered manually, e.g. with a keylogger as spyware can be tapped, "passkeys" are to be used on Apple devices in the near future. These do not ask for passwords, but use equivalents by querying Touch ID or Face ID - in a similar way to what is already known from auto-fill options and other verifications on websites and in apps. You can find out more about passkeys here: Passkeys - Encrypted access instead of using a password.

Internship Manager

The Stage Manager is another tool for multitasking on the iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro. Among Apple tablet models currently on the market, Stage Manager is only for that 5th generation iPad Air, for the 12,9-inch iPad Pro 5th generation and 11-inch iPad Pro 3rd generation provided - i.e. for models with the M1 chip. 

But the iPad Pro models with the M2 chip, which will probably be on the market soon, will also get the new multitasking feature. In addition to the iPad display, it can also be used on external monitors to arrange windows clearly and make them faster to select. They are listed at the edge of the display for this purpose.

Reference and scaling modes for the display

As already shown in the article describing iPadOS 16 as part of the WWDC22 keynote linked at the top, there will be the option of selecting reference modes for certain iPad models. Color profiles can then be selected for different projects on the 12,9-inch iPad Pro, which is also practical if the tablet is used as a sidecar display is used on the Mac. In this way, the display settings used on the Mac and iPad can be coordinated. You can read here how to use reference modes on the Mac: Select reference mode on MacBook Pro, Pro Display XDR and Studio Display.

Scaling mode, on the other hand, helps change the resolution of the Apple iPad display so that more can fit on it. A higher pixel density allows more content to be displayed, which will certainly come in handy with some apps, some websites and the like. However, the mode is not primarily intended for the use of a single app, but for Split View. When two or more apps share the screen, a higher pixel density can allow the apps to display more, albeit smaller.

More information about iPadOS 16

If you're impatiently waiting for the release of iPadOS 16 for the Apple iPad, then you can get more information about new features and improvements elsewhere. Apple offers about one for this official preview page of the system on which you will find numerous screenshots and animations in addition to descriptions of features in text form. So you can prepare yourself even better for the upcoming iPad operating system for 2022 and 2023.

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