What if? What happened if? A book recommendation for hobby physicists and nerds!

What if? What happened if? book

How many hours of my life have I spent with the exciting theories of Harald Lesch to listen when he answers one of the audience's questions about the earth, the universe and all the rest. It was philosophized as to whether people will one day be able to fly to other habitable planets or what happens if gravity fails. I think it's just great when top-class physicists think about the problems of us simple people. :)

Randall Munroe - The Harald Lesch of the Americans

And if you like the shows with Harald Lesch, you will surely be impressed by the US physicist Randall Munroe. He gathered an enthusiastic readership around him early on, who regularly waited for new comics from him, which he on the website xkcd.com released. I've just picked out a particularly suitable comic for you:

Tech support cheat sheet

What nerds do BEFORE asking others for computer help. (Source: xkcd.com)

My book tip: What if? What happened if?

What if? What happened if? book

The book "What if?" is there to buy on Amazon.

I'm actually about a column by Randall Munroe on his book "What if?" caught on. But I'm already sure that this book is very suitable as a Christmas present for nerds. Munroe answers a lot of crazy questions with his scientific background in his book. In doing so, he takes into account many details that go into his - mostly very comprehensive - declaration.

Examples of his crazy mind games

Doesn't that sound so exciting at first? Well, at the latest with the questions you will change your mind, because they really are crazy. Here some examples:

  • What would happen if all the waters on earth suddenly disappeared as if by magic?
  • When will Facebook have more profiles of the dead than the living?
  • What would happen if the earth suddenly stopped rotating, but the atmosphere still did?
  • Could you build a bridge from London to New York using LEGO bricks?

Criticism of the "what if?" Book? There is also!

Of course, the book not only has 5-star ratings but also a few 1-star ratings. From my point of view, it's really more fun for nerds. One reader wrote: "Lots of intelligent answers to unspeakably stupid (irrelevant) questions ... If these stupid questions don't interest me, I'm not interested in reading the most intelligent explanations! ".

You should have fun engaging in crazy mind games. Those who prefer to solve the world's urgent problems should of course get other literature or have it given away. I find the book very entertaining and am enthusiastic about the humor and its childlike comic style. So from my side: 5 stars!

"What if?" to buy? If you want to look at it or buy it, you will find it here as a Kindle eBook or as a book made from dead trees on Amazon.


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