What is crap ware?

Every now and then you hear about software, especially pre-installed ones Apps on the smartphone or computer, from the term "crapware". It's not necessarily malware, it's just superfluous programs. At least that's how it is from the point of view of the respective users of the devices. In addition to pre-installed software, crapware can also get onto the end device through web downloads or installations from media such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and USB sticks. But what is crapware? What does the word stand for and why does this type of software even exist? Below you will find all the important information on the subject.

What is crap ware? Why does this crap software exist and who earns from it? What examples of superfluous programs are there? Here you will find answers to your questions.
What is crap ware? Why does this crap software exist and who earns from it? What examples of superfluous programs are there? Here you will find answers to your questions.

What does the word crapware stand for?

The word is composed of the English terms Carp and Software together. "Crap" has different translations, such as crap, botch, nonsense, dirt, shit, and so on. With regard to the meaning of the word hybrid crapware, all of this describes programs that have been or will be installed, but are of no use to the users of the respective device. They are superfluous crap that needs to be uninstalled and is therefore annoying. If e.g. For example, installing a toolbar for the web browser with an image editing program from the Internet is nonsense. If a third-party software package is pre-installed on the smartphone that you don't need, that's also nonsense.

Crapware generates revenue for device manufacturers

If you're wondering why crapware exists, most of the time the answer is: money. Because device manufacturers can offer the same cheaper if they give app providers the opportunity to place their apps pre-installed on said devices. The app providers pay money for this distribution of the apps via new devices and the manufacturers can use this income to lower the price of their devices. In this way, they can keep up with the competition, but at the same time annoy their customers.

Crapware provides income for download portals

Here in the blog we have been pointing out again and again for years that apps that are not available in the App Store should only be downloaded from reputable sources. Download portals are not included, only the official developer or studio websites and reputable developer portals such as GitHub. Because the installers used on download portals usually hide additional software that can be installed quickly if you simply click on "Next" and do not remove the check mark in question from the option for the additional installation. Why is this done? Because of money. The download sites earn money from the additional installations marketed in this way.

Crapware and malware as hidden content in plagiarism

In addition to download portals that offer the software you are looking for but bundle it with additional programs into an unwanted package, there are also some plagiarism offers. These offer either modified versions of open source software or allegedly cracked versions of paid apps. These downloads from dubious sources may hide additional programs that are annoying (crapware, Adware, nagware) or direct malware such as Trojan horses, spyware or stalkerware. So it's always worth using official download sources, even if they aren't listed as the first links by the search engine.

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