What's my IP address? Find the IP and Mac address on Mac, iPhone and iPad

What's my IP? Find out the IP and Mac address under macOS, OS X and iOS. System settings iPhone, Mac, MacBook, iPad. What's my IP address

What is the IP or Mac address of the Mac, iPhone or iPad? You may be asking yourself this question out of curiosity, connection problems or because you want to tinker with the network. In this little guide I have summarized ways for you to find out the IP and Mac address of your Apple devices such as Mac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

What's my IP address? What is mine

MAC address? With this guide you can find the IP and more network information on Mac, iPhone and iPad under OS X, macOS and iOS. "Width =" 620 ″ height = "100 ″ /> What is my IP address? Address? With this guide you can find the IP and more network information on Mac, iPhone and iPad under OS X, macOS and iOS.

Where can I find my IP address on the iPhone (various iOS versions)?

If you want to find out your current IP address on the iPhone, then of course you have to look in the settings. The way in older systems leads this way: Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Select the corresponding WLAN network and view details (blue arrow). Depending on the system (according to iOS version) you can also find out the IP and / or the Mac address on the iPhone or iPad as follows: Settings -> General -> Info -> Wi-Fi address - or through Settings -> Wifi -> i (in a circle).

How do I find my IP on a Mac or MacBook?

If you want to look for the IP or Mac address on the Apple computer, you will also be shown the appropriate way: Apple symbol -> System Settings -> Network -> Select the current network. Under More options… -> Hardware you can also get the Mac address.

Notes on the structure of the Mac address

In addition to the ways to determine the IP address or Mac address, it is not entirely wrong to know that there is no O in the latter. The Mac address is made up of hexadecimal, which allows digits from 0 to 9 and letters from A to F. So if you want to write down or type in the Mac address, then you don't have to ponder whether it contains an O or a zero - it is a zero ("0").

What is my IP? Read out IP and other information

Your IP, your Internet provider, the approximate region from which you operate, and so on can also be read from Internet sites and other online services. For example, if you visit WhatIsMyIP.com (x), then you can display this information. There is also a speed test and information on hiding the IP on the page. Quite interesting! A similar service in German is WieIstMeineIP.de (x). There you will get not only the IP but also the IPv4 address, your operating system and the one used Browser displayed.


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