What is the best way to speak into the USB micro Røde Podcaster?

Instructions Rode Podcaster
Instructions Rode Podcaster

In this video tutorial for the Røde Podcaster Micro you can also see how the microphone should be aligned with the mouth.

The USB microphone from Røde called "Podcaster" is a good and inexpensive variant for podcasters, bloggers and people who want to add audio to some videos for YouTube or the like without much effort. I got the microphone because I want to add spoken text to some of the videos. However, I had no prior knowledge of speaking and audio production.

Getting started is for everyone Rode Podcaster But owner here is a video that not only shows how to assemble and connect the [USB micro-> usb microphone], but also gives tips on how to place it in front of you and how to speak into it. The alignment and the distance to the mouth are very important if you want to have an optimal sound without pops and S-sounds. Unfortunately the video is in English, but I think most of my readers will be fine with it.

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