WhatsApp chain letter: be careful with warnings, downloads and shock messages

Getting a WhatsApp chain letter is not only annoying, it can also be dangerous (or at least: expensive). If you receive a chain letter via WhatsApp that contains a shock message, news about "WhatsApp Gold", a smiley download, a warning about Trojans and viruses or something like that, then there is only one thing to do: delete the message. more on the subject WhatsApp chain letter and Co. you get in this post.

WhatsApp chain letter

A WhatsApp chain letter is quickly sent to thousands of users. These run the risk of viruses, Trojans, expensive subscriptions and a lot of stress.

WhatsApp chain letter: get, send, do good?

"Send this message to 5 of your contacts and win an iPhone 7!"A chain letter via WhatsApp could read like this or something like that - with a suitable link to the" competition ". The latter then turns out to be a subscription for ringtones or porn videos after sending the message and tapping the link activated in this way. Depending on. Or it says: "Danger! WhatsApp will soon be chargeable! Send this message to 10 of your friends, then click the link. On the promotion page, you can already get WhatsApp Gold for half the price!“- all this and all other WhatsApp chain letters are, to put it briefly, nonsense.

TU Berlin explains: what is a hoax?

Maybe you have the term Hoax snapped once before. The word comes from Old English focus and means as much as hoax or simply Hoax. New German would be a WhatsApp chain letter to the Fake News counting. The fact that such WhatsApp chain letters are this and nothing else is explained and underpinned by the TU Berlin in its detailed design Hoax Info Service. The same also applies to news broadcasts and a lot of frequently shared news and pictures on Facebook. The best example: the objection to the new Facebook terms and conditions by image. Often shared, but no sense behind it - anyone who seriously believes that they are contradicting the Facebook terms and conditions should probably not be on Facebook.

Annoying WhatsApp message: what to do?

But let's come back to WhatsApp. If you get an annoying message or several hoax messages from a user, you should delete them first. This will at least prevent you from accidentally tapping them and calling up possible links. Then you can of course draw the attention of the user who annoys you via WhatsApp to the lack of meaning in the messages - and to the dangerousness of some messages. Because although they often warn of (invented) viruses, Trojans and the like, they themselves carry these dangers most of all.

I can think of another reading tip for stubborn cases: Instructions on how to block WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp chain letters 2017 and further information

WhatsApp is chargeable; Respect for this and that user; win new iPhone 2017; download unique emoji; Fundraising campaign for blind babies ... and what is not available. The year 2017 is not even half over and the reports are getting more and more. WhatsApp chain letters should be nipped in the bud by anyone who gets one. ComputerBILD also offers a really good and, above all, detailed article on the topic. Check it out!

Your experiences with the topic

Has your smartphone ever been glowing because hoax messages have been circulating again via WhatsApp and Facebook? How do you deal with these broadcasts in WhatsApp and on social media sites? Feel free to leave a comment!


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