WhatsApp: Maximum file size and file formats that can be sent

WhatsApp from Facebook is an instant messenger, i.e. a messaging app that transfers text, voice messages and files in real time. But what is the maximum file size for sending files on WhatsApp? And which file formats can you send via the iOS and Android app? Here you will find the answers to your questions!

Maximum file size and formats that can be sent via WhatsApp. All information about documents, size, voicemail time limit and more is available here!

Maximum file size and formats that can be sent via WhatsApp. All information about documents, size, voicemail time limit and more is available here!

Which files / file formats can you send with WhatsApp?

For some time, up until about two years ago, WhatsApp restricted the ability to send files to contacts. Primarily images, photos, videos and documents in a few formats (such as PDF) could be sent. After a WhatsApp update in the summer of 2017, the format restriction was lifted. So if you have files from your smartphone now in 2019 and in the future WhatsApp from Facebook want to send, then you can choose all formats and file extensions. So theoretically also project files from Photoshop, Affinity Photo and other apps.

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What is the maximum file size on WhatsApp for photos, videos and documents?

The limitation of the file size that can be sent with WhatsApp depends on the type of file. There are different limits for pictures and photos as well as for videos and also for documents of other kinds. Here I have put together an overview for you:

  • Photos and videos: no limit if they do not exceed the file size limit (see below)
  • Videos recorded with WhatsApp: 16 MB
  • Documents from iPhone (iOS): 128 MB (according to some Sources)
  • Files from Apple iPhone (iOS): 100 MB (according to the Support) 
  • Documents / files from Android phone: 100 MB
  • Files from the computer via Whatsapp web/desktop: 64 MB

You can also send contact details from the contacts or phone book app and your location. In this way, information can be sent directly and without much copying and pasting of individual information.

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Is there a maximum length for WhatsApp voice messages?

A WhatsApp voice message consumes approximately 0,2 MB per minute. So if you wanted to reach the file limit of 100 MB, you would have to chatter 500 minutes. That is 8,3 hours. And even with the recording limit within the app of 16 MB, which applies to videos, it would still be 80 minutes. If you need that long, you can also call or visit the relevant contact. Technically, however, lower values ​​for the voice message time limit can occur if, for example, the memory is full and the spoken message therefore no longer has space on the smartphone.

My thoughts on sending (large) files via WhatsApp

In my opinion there are enough videos of singing and dancing Easter bunnies and happy birthday Smurfs. You should refrain from sending such videos, as some people (especially with older or cheap smartphones) often struggle with their full memory. The fact that WhatsApp can send all possible files up to a certain size doesn't mean that you have to use this feature all the time. If you want to send "funny" videos in a group or in individual chat, you can simply use the corresponding YouTube link. Because there is enough nonsense on the video platform.

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