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Setting WhatsApp status sayings

The WhatsApp Status, a refuge for important brief information, funny little jokes, sharing links or, very importantly, a virtual one Do not disturb! to send out. How you set up your WhatsApp status and what kind of interesting, funny and otherwise noteworthy WhatsApp sayings are available, I would like to briefly explain to you here. Perhaps one or the other has asked themselves what kind of weird information is that this or that contact always releases - that could be the "new" WhatsApp status that was introduced some time ago with pictures, videos and GIFs and which automatically disappears after 24 hours. So a mixture of WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat. Somehow.

The WhatsApp status: a place for pictures, GIFs, sayings and more. Here are instructions for setting up and examples of short texts.
The WhatsApp status: a place for pictures, GIFs, sayings and more. Here are instructions for setting up and examples of short texts.

Set up WhatsApp Status on the iPhone under iOS

To set up a WhatsApp status message, first open the messenger and then the Status screen. Then you tap on that Status symbol (what a name!) and either take a photo or video or you send a file from your memory for use as WhatsApp status. Why so much effort for a status on WhatsApp? Well, the creators want users to share their exciting life, the best moments from it, or just plain silliness. Perhaps not bad as a starting point for a more fun get-together. Maybe.

WhatsApp status sayings - how does it work on pictures and videos?

If you have taken a photo, selected or created a picture from the memory or a video / GIF, then you can add a caption (as when sending pictures in a chat) as well as decorate the selected or created medium. You can cut, paint, insert stickers and emoji, put text on top and so on. Sayings that were en vogue before the multimedia version of the status on WhatsApp can still be used.

Sayings for the status on WhatsApp

Short and clear announcements dominate the world of WhatsApp status sayings. Instead of generalities and pseudo-philosophical slogans, I would like to just list jokes here. However, all areas should be included at least to some extent. So the following WhatsApp status sayings - disordered and from different areas:

  • "Do not climb higher than you should, otherwise you will fall deeper than you wanted!"
  • "One should define happiness in terms of people and not in terms of things." (Instead of people, one can also write "experiences" ... or "vacation days")
  • "If the whole world were blind, how many people would you impress?"
  • In addition, the quote from Nico Semsrott: "May your life one day be as exciting as you make it out to be on Facebook!"
  • "Adaptation is the strength of the weak."
  • "Happiness is the only thing we can give to others without having it ourselves." (Carmen Sylva)
  • "There's too much blood in my caffeine."
  • "I hate it when there is nothing sweet in the house besides me."
  • "Better heavily pregnant than vile."
  • "The future belongs to those who change it."
  • "Beauty attracts, character holds on."
  • "Rub off my current WhatsApp status here: $$$$$$$$"
  • “Roll up the carpet again! I will not come!"
  • "Hey there! WhatsApp is using me! "

What are your favorite sayings?

Such a WhatsApp status saying can be funny, always with the right picture. Which sayings do you like for the status in WhatsApp, which ones do you use in these and those situations? Do you share spontaneous travel photos as WhatsApp status or do you send them directly to contacts? Feel free to leave a comment :)

Further information, instructions and helpful information are available in the FAQ from WhatsApp.

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