WhatsApp Web: Use Messenger on iPad, Mac, PC and Co.

Use WhatsApp Web on Mac, MacBook, PC, Laptop, iPad. Receive and write WhatsApp Messenger messages under OS X, macOS or Windows.

If you have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone or Android smartphone, but also want to use Messenger on the iPad, Mac, PC or the like, then you can help Web WhatsApp further. With WhatsApp Web, you have the option of using WhatsApp on your tablet or computer immediately without the hassle of downloading or logging in. How this works and what you have to pay attention to, I want to explain briefly to you here.

Setting up WhatsApp Web on iPad, Mac or PC: step by step

First of all, it's best to connect your iPhone or Android smartphone to the local WiFi so that the subsequent data transfer doesn't eat up too much mobile data. Then you call up the page in the web browser on your tablet or computer web.whatsapp.com on. (Problems with calling up with the iPad? Solution: see below!)

Load WhatsApp Web QR Code, website for using WhatsApp on Windows PC, Mac computer, iPad tablet, macOS, OS X.

On the WhatsApp web website, you can then download a QR code by clicking or tapping the green circle in which "Click to reload the QR code" stands. Now you have a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone. To do this, call up the WhatsApp app and proceed as follows:

  • iPhone: Settings -> WhatsApp Web -> follow the instructions (scan QR code)
  • Android smartphone: Menu -> WhatsApp Web -> follow the instructions (scan QR code)
  • Windows Phone: Menu -> WhatsApp Web -> follow the instructions (scan QR code)

WhatsApp Web iPhone, Android Smartphone, Windows Phone

Without further action, a WhatsApp interface with your chats, contacts, groups and so on is now loaded in the browser on the screen or display. So you can now use WhatsApp on a computer or on a tablet.

Disadvantage of WhatsApp Web: Smartphone always has to stay connected

The messages are still first received in your main account, i.e. on the iPhone or other smartphone used for this purpose. This means that you have to leave the smartphone connected to the WLAN or to the mobile data line of your provider. Communication can therefore not only be realized via Mac / MacBook or iPad.

Go to the website on the iPad

When using WhatsApp Web on the iPad, you may be redirected to the regular mobile page of the messenger when you try to use the link above. If that happens, type in the search field of the browser, pull the favorites bar down and select the item "Request desktop site" in the menu that opens. Then it should work;)

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  1. Mari says:

    Thank you for the great execution, now it works on my tablet too :)

  2. Mari says:

    Hello Jens, Web WhatsApp has not worked for me for a few weeks now ... you can no longer call up the desktop page. Do you have an idea?
    Many greetings from Mari

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mari! Have you tried different browsers? For one reader, the browser's cache was to blame for the page not running. In that case you can try a "private window" or an "incognito window", as it is called under Chrome. If you can, you'd have to clear your browser cache. In Safari you can do this with History -> Clear History.

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