Move WhatsApp with all messages to a new iPhone

If you want to take the WhatsApp app with you from one iPhone to another, there are different approaches. Moving WhatsApp with all messages to a new iPhone is of course easiest if the app and the chats it contains migrate from iOS device to iOS device as part of a full backup. But you can also implement chat and group take-along as a single measure. Do you have a comment or an addition, please leave a comment.

You want to move WhatsApp with all messages to a new iPhone? Here you will find a quick and super-easy solution as well as one that needs the iCloud backup of your chats and groups.

You want to move WhatsApp with all messages to a new iPhone? Here you will find a quick and super-easy solution as well as one that needs the iCloud backup of your chats and groups.

Quick start: Take all iPhone content with you from the old to the new device

If you have bought a new iPhone, you either want to transfer all data from the old device or at least move individual apps and content. In the first case, i.e. when transferring a copy of the old device, hardly any preparation is required. To be on the safe side, you can make a backup on your Mac or PC. 

Basically, when you set up the new device using the "quick start" function, you only have to transfer the SIM card and follow the instructions on the display after you have selected this option to take over the old iPhone data. Then you put the devices next to each other and they take care of it. Further information on the iPhone quick start can be found in the support document HT210216.

Move WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another

In the event that you do not want to transfer a copy of the old iPhone, but only want to transfer selected content, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure under WhatsApp -> Settings -> Chats -> Chat backup an iCloud backup exists
  2. If there is a backup with a visible creation date, uninstall the app on the old device
  3. Reinstall the app on the new device from the App Store
  4. Verify the phone number to use the new app installation
  5. Follow the instructions on the display to restore the old chat history

The official instructions On the FAQ page of WhatsApp there are a few more tips on the procedure shown. The most obvious is that you have to be logged in with the Apple ID on the devices with which you access the iCloud in which the WhatsApp backup is created. 

A more important note, however, is: "You need at least 2,05 times the size of your backup as free space in your iCloud account and on your phone.“Furthermore, it is once again pointed out that the procedure only works if the same telephone number is used on both devices (i.e. the SIM card moves with it or there is a number portability at the new tariff).

Transfer WhatsApp chats from the Android smartphone to the Apple iPhone

According to the official WhatsApp FAQ, there is currently no solution to move WhatsApp from an Android device to an iPhone with iOS. It works in the other direction - from iPhone to Samsung devices, for example. The Samsung SmartSwitch app and a USB-C to Lightning cable are required for this. You can find the instructions with this link. A solution for the other direction is also being worked on, so that WhatsApp can be taken from Android to iOS. There is currently no precise information on this (as of October 28, 2021). 

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  1. Joerg Schwarz says:

    Thanks for the great information from you. Would you also have a solution for the following problem: my daughter bought the WhatsApp app with my Apple ID (at that time still with family purchase approval). She now has her own ID and wants her own WhatsApp, but with the chat history from the previous one. Do you have a solution for us?

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Jörg! I haven't tried any other solution yet, but you can Mobitrans from Wondershare look at. In any case, they advertise that WhatsApp can be moved to another cell phone with it (without iCloud). If you test it, I would be very interested to see if it worked. Maybe it's an "insider tip". : D

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