Where can I find the invoice for ChatGPT?

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I think I'm the most frequent reader for my guides on how to pay specific invoices on services like YouTube Premium or something similar. Every month the search starts again when I have to put together the receipts.

Things are no different with ChatGPT Plus – OpenAI’s paid service. Unfortunately, there is no annual subscription here either, but you pay monthly and have to fish out the bills accordingly every month.

Find ChatGPT Plus invoice – instructions

Let's make it short:

  1. You log in here at OpenAI in the “Billing History” .
  2. You will now see the list of available payments.
  3. Right click on “View”.
  4. Then click “Download invoice”. Print. Complete.

You should have the appropriate invoice to hand. If anything changes in this procedure, I would actually have to notice it myself as long as I have booked ChatGPT Plus.

The invoices can be found in OpenAI's own account and then in the "Billing History".
The invoices can be found at OpenAI in your own account and then in the “Billing History”.

Why is it important to keep track of your bills?

It may seem like a chore to collect the bills every month for services like ChatGPT Plus. But believe us, it is an important task that you should not overlook. Why? Here are some reasons:

Tax reasons

If you use ChatGPT Plus for business, you can deduct the costs as business expenses. Collecting the invoices is therefore essential for your tax return.

Budget management

The monthly costs can add up quickly, especially if you have multiple subscribed services. Having an overview of your expenses will help you manage your budget more effectively.


If there are ever any discrepancies or problems with your payment, the invoice is your first point of contact. It serves as proof and can save a lot of headaches.


Finding and storing your bills may seem like a small thing, but it has far-reaching implications. These range from tax planning to personal financial management. So, take a few minutes to collect your bills - your future self will thank you.

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3 comments on “Where can I find the invoice for ChatGPT?”

    1. With me, too

      I have now deleted my account.
      Extracted the queries beforehand

      then just open a new account. It used to be possible to view the invoices in the chat. That doesn't seem to work anymore

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