Where can I find the bill for YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium VAT Invoice

Somehow every service provider on the Internet seems to have its own technology to hide account statements and invoices from customers. It's not much different with Google or YouTube. I booked YouTube Premium a few months ago - and so far I haven't regretted it.

But today I had to look for an invoice for a payment for the accounting department and I'm almost desperate. I was already so far that I wrote “Private” on the account statement so that the payment is booked as a private expense.

Instructions: Download the YouTube Premium invoice

Yes, there is a way to get a proper invoice with a recognized sales tax. I found this one here in the forum of google under the headline "As a self-employed person, where can I get a correct YouTube Premium invoice?"

  1. Website pay.google.com call
  2. Login
  3. then click on the corresponding issue or debit
  4. there "Download invoice with declared sales tax"

Now you either have the invoice as a PDF on your computer or it is displayed directly in the browser and can also be printed out there.

All receipts can be found at pay.google.com - including those for YouTube's premium service.
All receipts can be found at pay.google.com - including those for YouTube's premium service.

Legal information on the invoice

In the YouTube Premium invoices you can find all the important data that should be present on an invoice:

  • The invoice is addressed to the payee specified in the account registration
  • Date of invoice
  • bill number
  • invoice recipient
  • Invoice Creator (Google Commerce Ltd from Dublin)
  • Invoice issuer's VAT ID number
  • Identification of German VAT with 19%
  • The place of performance for this digital order is Germany
This is what it looks like, the holy YouTube Premium bill that you can hardly find if you don't know where to look ...
This is what it looks like, the holy YouTube Premium bill that you can hardly find if you don't know where to look ...

YouTube Premium actually tax deductible?

The commentator, who also wrote instructions for the calculation of invoices, had left another note aimed at the fact that a tax audit might raise doubts as to whether YouTube Premium is actually a business issue.

Here is the exact wording of his comment:

The only thing that will probably be more difficult for a self-employed person to show with the invoice what you are paying for in detail, since the service description is either “YouTube” or “Google Play Apps”. But in the transaction details you can also make a printout from the website by right-clicking, so that these details, which are also related to the same service date and the amounts, are displayed, so I also think that this is for a self-employed person for the tax office should be sufficiently documented. It might be more difficult, however, to run an invoice which is more likely to concern pure private pleasure than a business expense that should withstand a tax audit by a younger Internet-savvy tax officer.

I think in my case I shouldn't have a problem with that. I have to watch a lot of videos for my blog and it's understandable that I prefer to save the time for all the advertising and work more for it.

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15 Responses to "Where can I find the invoice for YouTube Premium?"

  1. Do you know why it takes a few weeks for the invoice to be available? For example, it was 21 days since my last payment, but there is no tax invoice to download. All previous payments have links to download the tax invoice.

    1. Hello Jouni! I can't say the reason for this ... I suppose it has something to do with internal administration at Google. I always do my bookkeeping very late, so my invoices are always there when I need them.

      1. OK everything good. Sometimes a little tight for me because I want to do it as early as possible. Unfortunately I have to wait a few days for the last invoice to be downloaded ...

  2. Hi, just like you, I was looking for my YouTube premium receipts - I went to my Google Pay page and they are not showing up there. I only see a movie purchase. Any new tips?

    Thanks a lot for this! :)

    1. Hello Julie! For me, the invoices can be found there, as I described in the article. Do you use another Google account for YouTube Premium? There is no other way I can explain why they are not listed there.

  3. Since January, the invoices no longer have a DE sales tax ID but an IR: This means that it is no longer possible to collect sales tax. I haven't found a way to enter the sales tax ID to receive the invoice net.

    1. Hello Frank! My invoice says “VAT number: IE9825613N”. And the VAT. is shown separately. That should actually be enough, right? VG, Jens

  4. Hello Jens, as far as I know... and I hope it is up-to-date, input tax can only be claimed if there is a DE sales tax identification number on the invoice. That was also the case in 2021. Since there has been an IE number there since 2022, a net invoice without sales tax should actually be issued, since this is essentially intra-Community trade where both participants are entrepreneurs. Accordingly, the debited amount would also decrease by the input tax. But since I can't find a way to store my DE sales tax identification number, the subscription for entrepreneurs now costs about 19% more.

    1. Ok, you know more than I do. I always send the stuff to my accountant and so far he hasn't yelled. 😊

  5. Hi Jens,
    I quickly found the place where the calculation can theoretically be reduced. Unfortunately, the "Download the invoice" field is gray for me and has no function.
    In red, the solution below is that I should enter my address in the settings.
    However, my address is complete and correct.
    Unfortunately, there is no solution chat and no email address to write to.

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Hello Olaf! Unfortunately I have no idea what else you could do. I would see if there are any characters in the address that he might not like. Or if a field is still empty... otherwise I wouldn't know what to do. It works for me every month...

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