[Update] Which iPad do I have? Here's how to get it out!

Which iPad model do I actually have? This is the question you ask yourself when buying a case or bag, with exchange programs, a necessary repair or when selling the Apple tablet. If you want to know which iPad you have, what year it comes from and which generation it can be counted to, you have come to the right place. With just a few simple steps, you can identify the Apple iPad version in great detail - regardless of whether it is a regular product line, mini, Air or Pro edition.

Note: This post will be updated from time to time. If we ever forget our current iPads, please let us know with a friendly comment :)

Which iPad do I have? How can I identify my Apple iPad? Here you will find the instructions to determine the model number, generation and year of the Apple tablet as well as the mini, Pro and Air editions. All models from 2010 to 2022.
Which iPad do I have? How can I identify my Apple iPad? Here you will find the instructions to determine the model number, generation and year of the Apple tablet as well as the mini, Pro and Air editions. All models from 2010 to 2022.


Read the iPad model number directly from the device

For Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, the five-digit model number is on the back of the device. Admittedly, the font, which shows “Designed by Apple in California” among other things, is pretty small. However, the quickest way to find the model number is looking at the back of the tablet computer. It consists of an A and four digits. You can find the assignment in the tables below.

Find out the iPad model and serial number on your Mac or PC

You can also find the model and serial number with iTunes (under Windows or up to macOS 10.14 Mojave) or in the Finder (from macOS 10.15 Catalina). Simply connect the device to the Mac or PC using a USB cable and then look at the information displayed in the respective program. If you don't have a computer at hand, the model number, IMEI and other information can also be found on the packaging of the iPad.

Read information about the iPadOS settings

If the device is still working and you do not need the detailed information because of a repair / malfunction, then you can of course get it out of the system yourself. Depending on the iOS or iPadOS version, follow these steps: Settings -> General -> Info. There you will find the model name, model number and serial number. If you see a longer character string with "M", "MQ" or other letters at the beginning as the model number, tap it once and the display should change to the five-digit A number.

Retrieve device information via Apple ID or iCloud website

If you, for example, B. with your Apple ID https://appleid.apple.com/ logged in, then you can select your iPad in the device overview on the site. All possible information is then displayed for this. This also includes the model name and the serial number. However, if you are on the iCloud website https://www.icloud.com/ When you log in, you not only find your devices and related information, you can also access them via the “Where is?Search for the function and display it on a map.

Which Apple iPad do I have? Version, generation, year, etc.

The Apple tablets are available in different versions. Therefore, below you will not only find an overview of the iPad versions, but also the breakdown of the individual tablet versions such as iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad mini. If you have any questions or if you find an error in the listing of the data, please leave a comment.

Determine the Apple iPad model

iPad generation Year model number
iPad 2010 A1219/A1337
iPad 2 2011 A1395/A1396/A1397
iPad (3rd generation) Early 2012 A1416/A1430/A1403
iPad (4rd generation) Late NEVER A1458/A1459/A1460
iPad (5rd generation) 2017 A1822/A1823
iPad (6rd generation) 2018 A1893/A1954
iPad (7rd generation) 2019 A2197/A220/A2198
iPad (8rd generation) 2020 A2270 / A2428 / A2429 / A2430
iPad (9rd generation) 2021 A2602 / A2603 / A2604 / A2605
iPad (10rd generation) 2022 A2696 / A2757 / A2777 / A3162

Determine the Apple iPad mini model

iPad mini generation Year model number
iPad mini 2012 A1432 / A1454 / A1455
iPad mini 2 2013 / Early 2014 A1489/A1490/A1491
iPad mini 3 Late NEVER A1599/A1600/A1601
iPad mini 4 2015 A1538/A1550
iPad mini (5th generation) 2019 A2133 / A2124 / A2126 / A2125
iPad mini (6th generation) 2021 A2567/A2568/A2569

Determine the Apple iPad Air model

iPad Air generation Year model number
iPad Air 2013 / Early 2014 A1474/A1475/A1476
iPad Air 2 Late NEVER A1566/A1567
iPad Air (3rd generation) 2019 A2152/A2123/A2153
iPad Air (4rd generation) 2020 A2316 / A2324 / A2325 / A2072
iPad Air (5rd generation) 2022 A2588/A2589/A2591

Determine the Apple iPad Pro model


iPad Pro generation Year model number
iPad Pro 12,9 " 2015 A1584/A1652
iPad Pro 9,7 " 2016 A1673/A1674/A1675
iPad Pro 12,9 ″ (2nd generation) 2017 A1670/A1671
iPad Pro 10,5 " 2017 A1701/A1709
iPad Pro 11 " 2018 A1980 / A2013 / A1934 / A1979
iPad Pro 12,9 ″ (3nd generation) 2018 A1876 / A1895 / A2014 / A1983
iPad Pro 11 ″ (2nd generation) 2020 A2228 / A2068 / A2230 / A2231
iPad Pro 12,9 ″ (4nd generation) 2020 A2229 / A2069 / A2232 / A2233
iPad Pro 11 ″ (3nd generation) 2021 A2377 / A2459 / A2301 / A2460
iPad Pro 12,9 ″ (5nd generation) 2021 A2378 / A2461 / A2379 / A2462
iPad Pro 11 ″ (4nd generation) 2022 A2759 / A2761 / A2435 / A2762
iPad Pro 12,9 ″ (6nd generation) 2022 A2436 / A2437 / A2764 / A2766

Further details, technical data and pictures

You can find more information, technical details and the appearance of the individual tablets in the Apple support document to ensure that they are not confused 108043. There you will also find information about the storage capacity, the color, the technologies used and the interfaces / connections and so on.

Further specs such as the SoC name, the RAM, graphics processor and so on can be found in the iPad article at Wikipedia. I hope this little guide helped you determine your iPad generation and reveal the secrets of your device. If you're wondering what the battery capacity of your tablet actually is, I also have a post ready: iPad battery nominal capacity in mAh.

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