Which SD card fits the GoPro HERO9 Black?

In the GoPro HERO9 Black, which was released in September 2020, an SD card is used again to store photos and videos. More specifically, a variable capacity microSD card. Depending on how much storage space you add to the camera using the memory card, you can save more or less photo and video material. It should be borne in mind that the new GoPro Action Cam 5K with 30 fps and can record 4K at 60 fps. Which SD card goes in the GoPro HERO9 Black, how much you can store on it and more information can be found here.

What SD card is compatible with the GoPro HERO9 Black? How many hours of video can you store in 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB? Here you can find all SanDisk microSD recommendations.
What SD card is compatible with the GoPro HERO9 Black? How many hours of video can you store in 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB? Here you can find all SanDisk microSD recommendations.

GoPro HERO9 Black with microSD memory card

MicroSD memory cards are used in the compact and waterproof camera for sports, vacation and streaming. These are smaller than regular SD cards and are now the standard for memory expansion in mobile devices. They are also used in Android smartphones and tablets. Is recommended for the GoPro HERO9 Black at least one microSDHC with 32 GB or one microSDXC from 64 GB. A microSDXC card with 128 GB or 256 GB memory can also be used. Larger SD cards compatible with GoPro cameras may also be available (512 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB), but they are not recommended by the manufacturer. 

Storage recommendation: SanDisk SD card for GoPro HERO9 Black

Here in the blog I basically only recommend SanDisk memory cards. That's because this is the only manufacturer I haven't had any issues with in this regard. SD cards from other manufacturers gave up the ghost at some point or were suddenly no longer readable after a whole day of recording drone videos. This shouldn't happen, especially with action shots, holiday videos and sports events. That's why you can find my SanDisk microSD recommendations for the GoPro HERO 9 Black here:

Note: The model numbers are recommendations from the GoPro manufacturer. I did not always find the exact models, but rather linked similar microSDs or the successors to the recommendations. But they are just as good or even better.

How much memory do 5K and 4K recordings use?

Above I have linked you to our article on the GoPro HERO 9 Black, in which we also show the technical data of the camera. In it you will find - in addition to numerous other details about the device - the reference to the selectable video resolutions from 1080p Full HD to 1440p and 2,7K to 4K and 5K. Depending on the resolution, fps numbers from 24 to 240 can be selected. Here you could now calculate how many images per second and with what size are saved and the like. Or you look at the maximum bit rate of 100 Mbit / s. 

Since eight bits represent a byte, that's roughly 12,5 MB per second. One minute of video therefore takes 750 MB; and ten minutes 7.500 MB or 7,5 GB (for the sake of simplicity, this is converted to 1.000 instead of 1.024, you don't have to point this out to me). Further calculated in this way, 45 GB of memory are required for one hour of video. With a 256 GB microSDXC card, you can record roughly five and a half hours at the highest bit rate. Especially with lower resolutions, however, this is below 100 Mbit / s, which means more recording time.

Memory cards for GoPro HERO8, HERO7 and MAX

In addition to the memory cards that are compatible with the GoPro HERO9 Black, you will also find guides for other models here. Which SD card fits the GoPro HERO 8 or 7? And what about the GoPro MAX 360 ° camera? Here you will find the answers to these questions:

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5 Responses to “Which SD card fits in the GoPro HERO9 Black?”

  1. 14.12.2021

    Hi Jens,
    When I bought my GoPro Hero 9 a few weeks ago, I chose the GoPro recommended SanDisk Extreme 128 GB U3 A2 XC1 V30 micro SD card, which is also included in your list. Both video outings since then ended with the message: "SD card error, the error can only be fixed by formatting, your data stored on this card will be lost."
    32 clips were lost on the first trip and ten on the second trip. That was very disappointing. I had reformatted the SD card each time before the excursions. In short: I did everything as prescribed and also worked with the recommended card. On the first trip I filmed at 2,7 K / 60 FPS, on the second I switched to 4K / 50 FPS.
    Seriously disappointed with the € 350 expensive device plus approx. € 200 accessories, I'm about to send everything back and have my money reimbursed.
    I would be happy if you could suggest an alternative that would allow me to keep the camera and use it reliably.
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Gerhard! That's bad, of course ... there's nothing more annoying than losing your films. In order to be able to localize the thing on the SD card or GoPro, you would have to try the whole thing again with a different SD card. If the error occurs again, then it should be due to the GoPro. Otherwise the SD card is defective. After that, you will know what to send back. : D

    2. It's always the same for me
      I'm about to throw this thing against the wall
      I find the camera extremely complicated for amateurs anyway

      1. Hello Marco! What do you think it's always the same for you? Before you throw the Hero 10 against the wall, put it in a package and send it to me. 😊

  2. Hi all,
    I have the same constellation and I also had to struggle with the card error of the Sandisk card during the winter vacation. Since I didn't want to do without the videos of half the vacation, I tried to save the data with various tools (TestDisk, Recuva, Rescue Pro, etc.) without success. As a last desperate attempt, I ran Windows10's own command line tool CHKDSK over it and lo and behold, after a few seconds all videos were available again.
    However, I have not yet found out why the file structure was damaged. It would be absurd if the GoPro was delivered with such a bug.

    Greeting Ingo

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