Which SD card should I use with the Canon EOS 600D?

SanDisk SD card with 64 GB
SanDisk SD card with 64 GB

This SanDisk Class 10 SD card with 64 GB works perfectly with the Canon 600D.

The selection of the SD card is less important in pure photography. In the video sector with the full HD format, however, the transfer rate of the SD card is decisive for whether the Canon 600D can save the video data quickly enough. If, for example, you record a full HD film with the possible 60p - i.e. 60 frames per second - then the card has to have a few megabyte record data per second without acknowledging the service.

Slow SD cards quickly cause problems here. When taking photos, saving may be slowed down, but this only slightly inhibits the workflow. When filming, however, a slow card leads to the recording being aborted. The footage is chopped off and ultimately no longer usable.

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Some users therefore help themselves with tricks such as reducing the frame rate to a low level or switching off the audio recording. This of course reduces the amount of data per second that the SD card has to store, but it is and remains a compromise that comes at the expense of quality.

SDHC cards with Class 10 from SanDisk offer reliability for FullHD film recordings

However, if you don't want to make such compromises, you should use a fast SDHC card with Class 10. These are up to the requirements and support all video options of the Canon 600D.

The available sizes are 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and even 128 GB. Personally, I have had the best experiences with the SanDisk cards, so here is an appropriate one Link to this map on Amazon.

My recommendation for "future-oriented" cards

If you are looking for a wider selection, you will find a list of the current bestsellers on Amazon here. All of these cards fit the Canon EOS 600D and have received very good reviews from customers. I have filtered out the memory size of 128 GB, as it offers a lot of space, but is still reasonably priced. In terms of speed, I filtered according to U3 so that the card can also handle modern cameras that record in 4K and at 60 frames per second.

If all the names like Class 10, U3, SDHC and the like don't mean anything to you, I have here an article for you who simply explains these terms.

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  1. Tobias says:

    Just as a small technical correction: SDHC cards can only be produced up to a maximum capacity of 32 GB. The SDXC are bigger, theoretically 2 TB are possible here, but I think only 128 GB are available for purchase.

    The problem: as far as I know, the EOS 600D does not support SHXC, but only SDHC, i.e. a maximum of 32 GB. But let me also correct here ...

  2. Tobias says:

    Correction: The EOS can actually handle SDXC cards ... Practical!

  3. Ute says:

    I just want to take photos and want to use the largest possible memory card?
    Can the EOS 600D also manage the 128?

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