5 reasons why Apple Maps is better than Google Maps

Apple Maps (or “Maps”) was released in Fall 2012 on iOS 6 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Initially decried as one of the inferior Apple services, the Apple Maps offer is quite impressive almost six years later. In fact, it can be said that the Maps app is off Cupertino offers significant advantages over the information and navigation offered by Google Maps. And I have summarized these advantages for you in the following article.

Apple Maps on the iPhone as well as on iPad, Mac and Apple Watch is better than Google Maps - and here you can find out why!
Apple Maps on the iPhone as well as on iPad, Mac and Apple Watch is better than Google Maps - and here you can find out why!

Features of the Apple Maps app for iOS

Before I get to the advantages of the map, navigation and information app for iPhone, iPad and Co. compared to the offer of Google Maps, I would like to point out the basic features. Because since the debacle of 2012, the software has blossomed into a useful tool. And that is - in a nutshell - possible with it:

  • Search: Search for addresses, government offices, restaurants, stores, hotels, and more
  • Predictive suggestions: The best route is displayed depending on the location, time of day, traffic situation, etc.
  • Navigation: Whether it's the way to the appointment from the calendar app or a new route to an unknown destination - it works
  • Local public transport: If you don't drive or don't want to walk yourself, you can also have public transport displayed
  • Indoor maps: Building construction and navigation in airports, shopping centers and other large public buildings
  • Flyover: Different metropolises can be discovered from a bird's eye view as well as in 3D
  • Siri connection: If you don't feel like typing your destination or search on the display, you can simply ask Siri
  • iCloud usage: Maps saved as bookmarks can also be accessed from the iCloud on other connected devices such as the MacBook


Why Apple Maps is better than Google Maps

The inspiration for this post came from a corresponding one List of 9to5Mac. If you do not speak English or want to discover the five points in a summarized form, you can do so in the following. If you have any questions about this or the original article, please leave them as a comment!

1 - privacy

Not only are reminders and routes created from personal calendar or other data only generated on the end device. The use of the map, including routes, search queries and traffic information, is also not clearly assigned to the Apple ID used. The identifiers for the data transmission and the subsequent app improvement are random and anonymized.

2 - Siri integration

Siri may not be the best voice assistant on the market, but in the car, for example, it works together with the maps app to provide reliable results and routes. Perhaps the Maps offer from Cupertino will be opened up for coupling with other services such as Google or Amazon ...

3 - Use with Apple Watch

The built-in feature of the Apple Watch, in conjunction with the iPhone, ensures that you stay up to date even without the constant use of your smartphone. Especially when you are on foot, you know when you have to turn or when you have arrived with your iPhone in your pocket.

4 - Yelp integration

I have the feeling that Yelp in Germany does not yet play such a big role among the broader user base - just like TripAdvisor or similar services. However, the direct integration of Yelp in Apple Maps ensures that information and reviews on local businesses can be obtained quickly and easily.

5 - Maps that are good enough

Of course, Google is ahead of the curve when it comes to maps; The much longer market presence with an initial monopoly position alone speaks in favor of this. But the material from Apple is also getting better and better and hardly has any major disadvantages compared to Google's offer. It is good enough and ideal for all daily or holiday-related tasks.

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12 thoughts on “5 reasons why Apple Maps is better than Google Maps”

    1. Hello Karl-Heinz!

      Apple Maps can of course also be used on the Mac. The app should be pre-installed on macOS and appear directly in the Launchpad overview. If not, then simply activate the spotlight search (cmd + spacebar) and enter “maps” there ;)

      MfG and have a nice weekend!

      1. I find the arguments that Karten is better than Maps almost embarrassing. Just the fact that I often jog long distances and go on vacation by bike and get very bad directions or alternatives on maps - and on top of that the contrasts are so bad that I sometimes can't even see the paths and streets , is an absolute exclusion criterion for me. Unless it doesn't matter, and you blindly and stupidly trust the Apple Navigator hints. Then the system may be sufficient. With such an unqualified report as an answer to a reader's criticism, then simply rowing back and saying that all this is not to be taken so "seriously" is just embarrassing! Too bad you can't have maps on the watch. Off topic: I also miss Amazon Music on the go. I bought the Watch Series 5 because I really thought you could bring almost anything you have on the iPhone to the Watch. But apart from a few good apps, which you usually have to pay dearly for, there isn't much going on with the watch... And I'm also a convinced or maybe. just lazy blind too well earning (?) Apple representative.

        1. Hello Holger! The article wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Whenever I try to navigate somewhere with Siri and Apple Maps, I can only laugh at how far the "understood" goals are from the obvious practice. An example: I say to Siri "Show me the way to XYZ" (where XYZ is a place here 15 km away). What do you think Siri is suggesting to me? A restaurant, which is remotely named after the place, but is unfortunately in New Zealand. I mean, what's closer?! That the user wants to go to a place 15 km away or to a restaurant that is on a completely different continent??? So much for Apple Maps...

    2. Small addition: The Karten.app is located in the Programs folder. You can also call it up by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the Finder and then searching for a place name. Then a grouping with results of “Cards” will also appear in the results. You can also start the app from there.

  1. ... That may all be correct, but more subjectively, I feel the response times on the go with Google Maps are much faster than with Apple

    Additional features are not right, the basic functionality must first be there!

  2. Hi
    I can't share the enthusiasm for the app. Yes, when I read the points, the feeling can arise: Great.
    - What about intermediate goals, now or later?
    - What about presets: No motorway, for example

    Just two examples. I am a staunch Apple user. However, the app doesn't stand a chance against Google and co.
    I think these and other criticisms should at least be mentioned.
    Kind regards

  3. Maps is nowhere near as good as Google Maps.
    Personally, I really miss a route calculation for bicycles, which is a top feature of GM.

    Point 5 of your argument is, excuse my choice of words, ridiculous. You can't argue that Apple Maps is better by explaining that it's almost as good as Maps. Point 2 is also not really valid because I can also open the navigation via Maps with Siri.
    I don't find the Maps app bad per se, but it's currently not nearly as good as Google Maps.

    1. Hello Matthias! The article was not meant to be taken seriously. I think everyone knows that Google Maps can do more than Apple Maps and Google's language assistant also understands more than Siri. But sometimes you want to talk yourself into a few things. :D Speaking of “beautiful”: Happy Pentecost!

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