Why I'm an Apple fanboy despite the prices and the restrictions ...

For many, Apple is not just a technology manufacturer, a provider of digital services and an innovator in its industry, but a real controversial topic. The prices of the products, the proprietary systems and parts of the company policy are always points that cause people to oppose the Cupertino group. In this post, I'll explain why I'm an Apple fanboy despite the prices and restrictions. Among other things, it has to do with safety, but also with durable products and optimal networking ...

Computers, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, speakers, headphones and more are available from Apple. You can read here why I prefer iPhone, Mac, iPad and Co. to other manufacturers and systems. Source of product images: Apple.com

Computers, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, speakers, headphones and more are available from Apple. You can read here why I prefer iPhone, Mac, iPad and Co. to other manufacturers and systems. Source of product images: Apple.com

iOS is better than Android

If there is a security gap, bug or other error in the iOS mobile operating system at Apple, a patch or fix can be quickly distributed to all users in the form of an update. With Android, the fixes from Google have to find their way through the manufacturers of the Android devices and possibly also through the mobile network operators. This can take a long time and means that security gaps can sometimes only be closed after weeks or months. In addition, it is always unclear which (upcoming) Android versions the devices from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei and Co. are compatible with. New versions take forever to be distributed.

Like the FAZ shows, the spread of Android 2018, which was released in autumn 9, is currently “only a few percent”. According to Apple Insider The spread of iOS was already 70% at the beginning of December last year - and not only on current, but on all iOS devices. So most of the Android devices are out of date and are brimming with security flawswhich - if at all - are only resolved very late. That's why I personally prefer to have an iPhone and an iPad. And then I don't mind any restrictions in terms of customization - if you want to be dead-configured and really want Comics Sans as a system font, you are better off with Android ...

Apps only from the App Store? Well!

If you want to have cracked apps, beta versions and applications that are too unsafe for the App Store or Play Store on your device, you can use Android, Windows and Co. On the mobile devices as well as on the Apple Mac, I don't mind if I can use apps, especially if they come from the App Store. So I can be sure to a high percentage that I am not installing any malware or an unfinished program that keeps crashing. Otherwise I make sure to only load software directly from the developer, and not from dubious sources. Programs from the web do not cause any damage either.

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Operation is (mostly) intuitive and clear

This is the case with iOS as well as macOS and other Apple operating systems. This even applies to some operating steps across platforms - for example, the simple uninstallation of software in the launchpad and the home screen using the app icons. Even within the apps, the operating concept is usually similar and very clear. For people who are unfamiliar with smartphones, mobile data, and the pitfalls of the Internet in terms of “nasty” websites and malware, the iPhone and Mac also offer a safer environment. Of course you can still go on Phishing e-mails fall for it, but overall I would classify the risk that software does malicious things without the user giving “approval” for it to be lower.

Long service life and software up-to-date

The lifespan of Apple devices is very long; this is especially the case with computers and smartphones. Now - in 2019 - I will still get iPhone 6 models for friends who want to buy a smartphone. The device from 2014 is still supported with the latest iOS and still works very smoothly. And if you want to sell it, you have less depreciation than with a device from another manufacturer. Whether Windows PC or Android smartphone - the devices or individual components (CPU, GPU, etc.) are quickly out of date and the price even drops significantly for new goods in the first year. That's not a good sign for long-term users.

iCloud networking is safe and fast

The role of iCloud is also regularly underestimated in the discussion about Apple and other manufacturers or systems. Sure, Android, Windows, Linux and other devices can also be equipped with Google Drive, Dropbox and Co. But these are not proprietary offers, but third-party services whose end-to-end encryption is not individually tailored to the end devices. The iCloud, on the other hand, is - apart from rare security gaps or phishing incidents - an internal system tool with which files can not only be securely exchanged and created, but also encrypted user data, contacts and access data between the iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS devices can be distributed.

That is probably a matter for the user: macOS vs. Windows

In several points it is worthwhile to choose an Apple Mac for computer work, as has already been explained extensively so far, if you are already using other Apple devices. With macOS, too, the operating concept is coherent, secure and shielded against hazards over a large area. In addition, there is good networking with the other Apple devices. Of course, if you want to use a gaming PC or use certain Windows-only programs, you could use Acer, Lenovo, HP, Alienware, Medion and Co. - or simply create a Windows partition on the Mac;) It is probably user- and a matter of taste, and it depends on the individual task at hand on the computer.

Disclaimer on preventive de-escalation

This article is not intended to convert anyone to Apple and I also do not want to make religion out of the matter. If you prefer an Android mobile phone because you don't like Apple's company policy or the prices of the products, you're welcome to do so. I just want to explain my personal opinion, because every now and then I am asked for a recommendation for a smartphone and then people say that Samsung, HTC, Google, Xiaomi etc. also make beautiful devices. That is also correct ... Google Pixel smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy series are very good hardware, but unfortunately no iOS runs on them. And since I'm not an Android friend because it has so many security and data gaps, only Apple remains with its iPhones and iPads.

Your opinion on the subject

What do you think about the topic? What advantages and disadvantages do you see in Apple, and what is your attitude towards Android, Windows, Linux and their isotopes? Do you use multiple systems for different purposes? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion and your experiences :)


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  1. Michael says:

    Hello, in addition to Apple, I also have computers with Windows and Linux at the start. The security of the devices depends on the user, not on the technology!
    Since the beginning of the 80s I have had experiences with PC`s 8088 and 8086, before that Sinclar and other basic computers. I was even stupid once and built and tested systems based on chip compatibility and performance levels. Then it was the 386 and 486 times.
    I only bought a second-hand Apple IMac 2 years ago, cell phones since the Iphone 4 are standard equipment with us.

    I can say one thing for sure from my experience, the short times that Apple leaves the actually good hardware products in software maintenance is now simply outrageous!
    My IMac from mid-2011 will no longer be used. There are still security updates, but this means that it cannot be switched to Mojawe….
    An HP from 2003 is still supported today with the latest drivers. Even if it now runs with Linux, it does its job perfectly for its purposes.
    At Apple? No chance of throwing it away, i.e. preparing yourself mentally to have to throw it away, is just the thing.
    Now something was broken and the operating system had to be restarted.
    Even that was no longer possible, officially there is nothing more.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Michael! Yes, of course it's all a matter of taste. I find printers from 2003 so old that you can no longer expect them to run on a new system. But if you have an old Mac anyway, you can leave an old system on it and continue to use the printer. Even El Capitan is still good to use. But everyone has different experiences ...

  2. erich says:

    Well, Michael - these are personal experiences that need to be discussed. My first computer was a Televideo with a non-expandable 125 KB (!!!) RAM. He was in the daily business for many years, then was "finished". The - admittedly proprietary - software was no longer available. Then the other 386s and 486s kept coming up with new applications, until we finally came across competent hardware and software after many years of cost-intensive attempts in office operations.
    In the early 90s of the last century, after a long hesitation, I switched the graphics department (forced by printing regulations) to Mac.
    From the Quadra 950 to the Mac Pro to the current iMacs, I've been a staunch Apple fan ever since. It is a fact that development does not stop (my HP printers have been running absolutely flawlessly on all of my Mac models for many years). However, it also applies to Windows software and devices. On the other hand, there are not no problems with the operating system updates at Apple, but significantly fewer problems.
    Conclusion: For my Apple devices in the last two and a half decades, in spite of hardware and software updates, a myriad of programs and fonts in the system, as an absolute computer scientist, I have NEVER had to use the help of a technician in order to be able to work. I like to pay the "outrageous" Apple price for that. In any case, better than for Windows 8 and ff ...

    No offense and best regards, Erich

  3. Michael says:

    Moin, I agree with you, only the article was about security and topicality.
    A system that will only be kept up-to-date for a short time, i.e. will no longer be maintained in the foreseeable future, I cannot connect to the Internet and use an Apple as an expensive printer driver in a closed system…. A Raspberry for € 35 is better, more modern and safer to use, even with an internet connection.
    The IMac 27 with i5 and 16Gb memory is only good for tinkering and throwing away and such devices were simply too expensive when the manufacturer no longer supports the devices through its business policy of wanting to sell new.
    If you buy such a device second-hand and have not noticed the operating system CD, you have to invest a lot of time because nothing can be expected from Apple.
    In any case, I've given up and will have to slaughter the computer and sell it in individual parts. The money for the invested software is gone because I will not be able to afford a new Mac and a used one that goes away after 1-2 years is a waste of money.

    • Robert says:

      You named the solution yourself with "Even if it now runs with Linux ...": Install Linux on the iMac.
      In fact, there are unfortunately technical disruptions when, for example, Intel is required instead of G4 / G5, 64Bit instead of 32Bit or higher graphics performance.
      I'm definitely not thrilled that I can no longer use Mojave on my Macbook Pro 2010 and iMac 2009. But I would be very happy if these were the only devices in the household that soon need to be replaced or used for another purpose. The analogue SAT has been switched off since 2012 and the LMB and receiver are worthless, DVB-T can no longer be used for DVB-T2, ISDN or GPS devices, the console server services are shut down, my old diesel was no longer allowed to go into town, etc. Etc.
      In my opinion, there is no really continuous gold anywhere in the area of ​​computers, smartphones, etc. But in the overall package, Apple with devices, software and services is much more painless than the rest of the market.

  4. Michael says:


    Apple, their software, processing and handling are TipTop, the best I've ever come across, without question!
    But the fact that they switch off the downward compatibility without any need and force the user to buy a new Apple product again although the "old" device can still work well for his needs is something that is just very difficult for me inside.

    For this reason alone, I strictly refuse to accept new Apple products, they are expensive because they are really good, and after 7 years I can no longer use them to their full extent so that sales are inevitably boosted again.
    I've never let myself be forced and Apple will fail because of me. Even if I have to do without the good equipment.

    Installing Windows or Linux on an Apple is a waste of time. A real real driver support is not provided by Apple and not promoted by Linux because there is hardly any demand for it.

    But I'll make one last try, I was in Basel yesterday and passed an Apple shop. There I was told that the operating system would not be installed for free once. Since the hardware tests were always good, I try and hope to be able to continue using my software for a short time with High Sierra.

  5. Bernd says:

    An interesting article and it gets to the heart of the matter, as you can find in de. Comments. There are lovers and haters of Apple.
    My experiences started with a DOS computer (from IBM for 21000 DM) and have worked through all Windows versions. Windows has developed great, but what I never managed to keep a computer older than 3 years. Then came a new Windows and the part is no longer or slowly.
    Then I got to the MacBook Pro via the iPhone and I am absolutely thrilled. It's just great this Apple ecosystem with iCloud. My MacBook is now four years old and runs without any problems.
    Updates for the current OS cannot be compared with the Windows 10 updates. So far no broken OS like under Windows 2 times.
    Ah yes, I still had a Photoshop license for Windows. My solution was simply a Windows installation on the Mac with Parallels. Runs great.
    My attempts to buy a 7 year old MacBook Pro were successful and runs with Mojave today. Would a Windows computer that ran Windows 95 be as good at its age as Windows 10? Everyone knows that.
    So those who are happy with Windows should use Windows. If you want a mature ecosystem, you have to switch to Apple, everyone else can stay with Android and Windows.
    It's definitely worth switching to Apple, despite the outrageously high prices

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Bernd! Thank you for your assessment. This is especially interesting because you've worked with DOS and Windows PCs for a REALLY long time. : D I only made short detours and was always happy that I didn't have to work "full time" on a PC ...

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