Wifi SD card: WLAN memory card for cameras, camcorders, dongles and more

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Wifi SD card or any other Memory card with WiFi helps you upload photos, videos and other files wirelessly to your MacBook, iPhone, iPad or other device without having to take the card out of the camera, camcorder and the like. So you can just leave the camera on the tripod, especially in cold climates, or leave the action cam (e.g. GoPro) in the waterproof housing. You can theoretically read photos and videos with a WLAN SD card when the camera is out of range, in the water or on the drone.

A WiFi SD card or WiFi SDHC

Memory card or whatever you want to call it helps you to transfer photo, video and other files via wireless network. Toshiba, eyefi, TOOGOO" width="620″ height="290″ /> A Wifi SD card or WLAN SDHC memory card or whatever you want to call it helps you to transfer photos, videos and other files via wireless network.

Wifi SD card: Toshiba, eyefi or Wifi adapter from TOOGOO

Toshiba FlashAir memory cards with WiFi connection

If you do not want to read the videos, pictures or other files on the SD card with a USB reader or other accessories, then the offers from Toshiba and eyefi are worthwhile. Toshiba has come up with the brand name FlashAir also created a catchy term that sums up the use of WLAN SD cards. With the Toshiba FlashAir memory cards you can leave the memory card in the device and, for example, App retrieve the images, audio data (from microphones or dictaphones), photos, videos and so on with the smartphone or tablet.

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Toshiba THN-N101K1280E6 128GB Exceria Pro N101 SD Card
Toshiba THN-N101K1280E6 128GB Exceria Pro N101 SD Card
The 128GB SDXC offers unmatched performance, Date*; Compatible with UHS-II class; Up to 128GB storage capacity
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Toshiba Exceria Pro N302 SDXC 128GB UHS-I U3 memory card (up to 90MB/s read)
Toshiba Exceria Pro N302 SDXC 128GB UHS-I U3 memory card (up to 90MB/s read)
Perfect for 4K/Full HD recording and photo shooting; For everyday storage; UHS-I, Speed ​​Class 3 (U3), 16GB: Speed ​​Class 1 (U1)
51,34 EUR

eyefi SDHC card: Wifi SD card with Class 10 and 8, 16 or 32 GB

There are also memory cards with WLAN from the company eyefi, whose name already suggests that photos and videos can be transferred from SD or SDHC cards via WiFi. Here, too, you can transfer data from the memory card to your laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet using an app or a simple WLAN connection. A single photo or video can be viewed quickly without having to take the card out of the camera or remove it from the tripod. There are by the way eyefi Mobile Secure SD cards (orange) and eyefi Mobi Pro Secure SD cards (black); You can find the details of the individual models on the product pages.

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Hotaluyt Micro TF Converter WiFi SD Card Adapter High Quality Camera Photos Wireless Transmit Replacement...
Hotaluyt Micro TF Converter WiFi SD Card Adapter High Quality Camera Photos Wireless Transmit Replacement...
Connect up to 3 devices simultaneously. Replacement for Ios / Android devices
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TOOGOO Wifi adapter for SD cards and SDHC cards

If you use a micro SD card or want to use it in your device (camera, video camera, etc.), then you can also use this adapter. It not only turns your micro SD card into an SD card, but also one with WiFi. To connect to a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) you need the TOOGOO app. A good alternative to the above cards if you prefer to use smaller cards in devices with larger slots.

WiFi Wireless Adapter - TOOGOO (R) WiFi Wireless Micro SD TF Card to SD Card Adapter for IOS ...
  • Plug the WiFi adapter with Micro SD / TF card into the camera, and share photos you've just taken to cell phones or tablets via ...
  • Shoot & View: see photos from your camera, which can be easily taken and transferred to your mobile phone or tablet ...
  • SD surfing: you can access pictures, music, video IN Micro SD / TF.

Toshiba FlashAir, eyefi Mobi or TOOGOO: these apps are necessary

In addition to the hardware, you also need accessories made of bits and bytes in order to be able to use the WLAN SD cards. Here I have listed the sources for the respective app for the WLAN memory cards:

Update November 2017: As can be read in the corresponding comment (see below), a WLAN memory card does not work per se in every device the way you want it to. For example, in a game camera the pictures and videos are not always transferred from the card when the device is in recording mode. Changing modes or setting the correct mode for the transfer can be so time-consuming that it would be easier to remove the SD card and read it out directly on the Mac / MacBook. With many devices, however, it cannot be said immediately whether and how well a WLAN SD card can be used - that's why trying is more important than studying. (Update end)

Conclusion on the topic

Simply take a photo or several pictures, add one or the other video, record the relevant notes or travel diary with the dictation device or do something completely different - and then: the data on the Wifi SD card conveniently from your smartphone, tablet or laptop Read out via WLAN. The output devices (even one or more cameras at the same time) remain in their holder, case, bag or wherever they are. But you can get the data. Top! What is your opinion, what are your experiences with Wifi SD / SDHC memory cards? Feel free to leave a comment! :)


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  1. Hofmann says:

    I find the post interesting. Then I bought such a card (Toshiba). I put them in a wildlife viewing camera to watch animals.
    I installed the corresponding Flashair app on my mobile phone to transfer the pictures. That goes quite well so far.
    BUT to connect the card to the app, I have to set the camera to replay mode, to do this I have to open the camera. You could easily swap the card and look at it on the PC or on the camera display. In this case, a WiFi card doesn't make much sense. Unfortunately this fact is not described in any of the numerous articles on the topic.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello! Oh, that was new to me too. I know that the wifi SD cards do not work in some cameras. For example, with my Sony NEX 7, all models have so far been on strike because the housing is made of metal. But that also applies to Wild cameras not working, I didn't know yet. I suppose this also depends on the model. Which trail camera do you have?

      • Hofmann says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        The wildlife camera is from Victure HC400.
        The recordings work and the card works fine. Viewing and downloading to the app also works great. BUT the camera has to be opened and switched to replay. That is unfavorable or meaningless. One should have known.
        Kind regards, K. Hofmann

        • sir appleot says:

          Ok, that's good to know. I think that with most wildlife cameras it should work without opening the lid. Mine, for example, didn't have a replay switch ... but you probably have to try that out from model to model. LG! Jens

    • Johannes Domke says:


      Thank you for pointing this out, I'll adjust the post accordingly.

      Certainly, the possibility of using a WLAN memory card varies from device to device - as well as the corresponding user-friendliness. And devices such as game cameras are often not really designed by the manufacturer to be used with such a memory card. This can lead to the fact that the Wifi-SD either has to work very well itself and must be able to transmit in every mode, or that a special (and not always logical) setting has to be found on the device that enables the wireless transmission of the data.

      Best regards

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